Theme Learning Communities

We invite you to learn about each Theme Learning Community (TLC) to see which one you may be interested in applying to be a part of! The TLCs are a way to enhance your living experience on campus and while there will be lots of opportunities for you to get involved, this experience is what you make of it, and it is meant to make your entire Mines experience better, by supporting you in your academic endeavors, not taking time away from what you need to spend on your work.

The TLCs are open to any incoming first-year student! You CAN apply to the TLC of your choice (yes, you can apply to more than one, but if you are assigned to one, you will only be assigned to that one. You may turn down your involvement in that TLC if you have changed your mind).

The applications for Theme Learning Communities can be accessed through the links within the housing application on Trailhead. TLC applications will be accepted April 1 – May 3. If you are chosen to live in a TLC, you will be sent a welcome letter by email. Once you’ve made your roommate selection by contacting the other members of your TLC, you’ll officially be a part of the TLC and you’ll start to hear from the folks who will be running your community. The move-in day for 2018-2019 TLC members will be August 14 and orientation will be held on August 15.

We look forward to you applying to be a part of these unique experiences and can’t wait to welcome you to Mines!


Theme Learning Communities consists of intentionally designed living experiences centered around a variety of educational, cultural, organizational, and personal interests. These communities allow students with common interests and pursuits to live together and support each other through planned activities and informal interactions.


  • To provide an educational experience, to supplement the academic one students already face
  • To create well-rounded students
  • To further connect students to campus and the local community


Each community will be comprised of about 30 students living together and an RA. The community will work with the Residence Life Coordinator of the building. Additionally, each community will partner with at least one Faculty Friend, various campus organizations and offices, and local businesses and nonprofits to ensure a well-rounded experience with many opportunities for students to get involved and experience what Mines and Colorado have to offer. Each community will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of programming efforts on-campus and in the local community (Golden and Denver).


Explore the Communities:

2018-2019 Theme Learning Communities