Project Info

3D Printed Fluorescence Microscope

Kevin Cash

Project Goals and Description:

This project is to build a 3D printed fluorescence microscope based on prior publications, and use it to investigate our lab’s fluorescent nanosensor platform. After initial investigations to determine necessary changes, you will need to adjust the microscope to align more effectively with our nanosensors for quantitative measurements of sensor response in biological systems. The overall goal of this project is to enable researchers to use nanosensors to study biological systems with 3D printed microscopes, enabling application in resource poor settings.  Note: there may be other 3D printing projects in addition to this one.

More Information:

Grand Challenge: Engineer better medicines. Note: other 3D printed microscopes may also be a good fit for this project.

Primary Contacts:

Kevin Cash

Student Preparation


Students should have experience and knowledge in 3D printing components, assembly of devices, and prototyping skills. Student should have the willingness to self-teach topics related to the project. While not required, some ideal qualifications include:
  • experience with microscopy and/or fluorescence
  • experience with LED control in prototyped projects
  • experience with raspberry pi based projects
  • experience with python programming


~5 hours (not counting the waiting time for prints to finish!)


Microscopy, fluorescence imaging, fluorescence spectroscopy, analytical chemistry.  More advanced 3D printing and prototyping expertise. If staying in group longer term: more advanced microscopy, cell culture, potentially transport modeling, microbial consortia dynamics.


Weekly group meetings, partnership with PhD student for in lab mentoring/training, as needed meetings separately to discuss project progress.


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