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Materiality Topics and Matrices in the Energy Sector: A Compilation Type of Proposal

Linda Battalora

Project Goals and Description:

The project entails three main objectives:  
  • Preparation of a briefing about what is Materiality and Materiality Analysis in the context of Sustainability, based on online research in open access and Mines platforms.
  (2) A compilation of MATERIALITY topics central to the energy sector, focusing on four segments: Oil and Gas, Mining, Wind and Solar. Information is available online.   (3) A compilation of MATERIALITY MATRIXES for the same sector, with at least one example per sector. Information is available online.   As a by-product, this project will create a valuable understanding in the student(s) about the importance of the materiality analysis prior to the creation of sustainability strategies in the energy sector. This research will empower the students to create similar analysis for their own entrepreneurial initiatives as engineers, or in support of their activities in jobs and other activities. The comprehension of these elements, materiality and materiality matrices, will enhance the understanding of the ranking of elements such as environmental protection, social growth, and investment relevance of the mining, oil and gas, wind, and solar energy  sectors.  

More Information:

Grand Challenge: Advance personalized learning.
This resource from New York University provides an overview of Materiality in Sustainability:  

Primary Contacts:

Linda Battalora, | Maria Capello,

Student Preparation


What qualification should the student have at project start?
  • Knowledge of Excel, ability to prepare plots (bar graphs, radar diagrams and tables)
  • Analytical capacity
  • Use of PowerPoint


2-3 hours/week, on average


  • Knowledge about which are the main companies operating in main energy sectors, namely mining, Oil and Gas, Solar and Wind. Information useful for future employment searches.
  • Understanding of what is materiality and materiality matrixes
  • Hands-on practical experience on materiality topics
  • Awareness-level Knowledge of the Sustainability standing of the main companies operating in energy.


Dr. Battalora will mentor the student 1-2 hours/week up until completion (total of 15 hour) Maria A. Capello will mentor the student .5 hours/week up until completion (total of 7 hour) Mentoring will include meeting with Battalora or Capello in person or on Zoom to discuss project overview, research questions, methodologies, data acquisition and analysis


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