Event Inclusivity Icons


The Colorado School of Mines prioritizes inclusivity and accessibility in its programming and strives to provide a welcoming environment for all participants. Mines has developed a set of event inclusivity icons to help attendees understand what to expect at events.

Organizers of campus events should use these icons in print and online marketing materials so that attendees know what to expect. Because these icons are generic, organizers may need to provide more details on an event page. Event materials should also include a statement with contact information for someone who can help arrange accommodations or answer questions about the event.

Request accommodations
  • Name/Label/Alt Text: Request accommodations
  • Purpose: Attendees are encouraged to request accommodations when attending this event.
Private restrooms
  • Name/Label/Alt Text: Private restrooms/gender-inclusive restrooms
  • Purpose: Private (single stall) restrooms are available at this event for medical, self-care, or other needs. The private restrooms are ADA accessible.
Food at event
  • Name/Label/Alt Text: Food at event
  • Purpose: Food is present at the event. Contact the organizers with questions about dietary restrictions, food allergies, or food accommodations.
Bright lights
  • Name/Label/Alt Text: Bright lights
  • Purpose: There are bright lights at this event.
Weather and temperature extremes
  • Name/Label/Alt Text: Weather and temperature extremes
  • Purpose: Conditions at this event may include extreme hot or cold temperatures, precipitation, high winds, bright sunlight, dirt, dust, and allergens.
Outdoor event
  • Name/Label/Alt Text: Outdoor event
  • Purpose: This event is held outside.
Interactive activities
  • Name/Label/Alt Text: Interactive activities
  • Purpose: Interaction with other participants is expected at this event. 
Large event
  • Name/Label/Alt Text: Large event
  • Purpose: This event will have 50 or more participants. 
Loud noises
  • Name/Label/Alt Text: Loud noises
  • Purpose: This event will include brief or sustained loud noises. Examples include loud music, noise from heavy machinery, or air horns.
Difficult parking
  • Name/Label/Alt Text: Difficult parking
  • Purpose: There may be little or no parking at or near the event, or there may not be ADA parking near the event location.
Quiet space
  • Name/Label/Alt Text: Quiet space
  • Purpose: A quiet space is available for participants who need to take a break from noisy or crowded spaces or social interaction. This space may be shared with others.
Stairs with no alternative
  • Name/Label/Alt Text: Stairs with no alternative
  • Purpose: This event is held in a building or space that must be accessed by stairs.
Standing event
  • Name/Label/Alt Text: Standing event
  • Purpose: Seating is not automatically available at this event. Contact event organizer about seating accommodations.
Strobe or flashing lights
  • Name/Label/Alt Text: Strobe or flashing lights
  • Purpose: Strobe or flashing lights are in use at this event.
Strong smells
  • Name/Label/Alt Text: Strong smells
  • Purpose: This event includes strong smells, which might include chemical or food odors.
Uneven ground
  • Name/Label/Alt Text: Uneven ground
  • Purpose: This event includes uneven ground such as gravel, sand, dirt, roots, or cobblestones.