Advisor/Student Agreements

In the collaboration between graduate students and their advisors, much is sometimes left unsaid.  Student and advisor sometimes enter into a working relationship without having a conversation about expectations, obligations, and the practical aspects of working together.  How often do we meet?  What do we hope to achieve in these meetings?  How do we spend our time most effectively?  What are the responsibilities of student and advisor for creating the right work environment?  Viewing an agreement as a contract to which all parties are bound likely does not set the right tone for a fruitful collaboration.  Below, you will find the template for the Colorado School of Mines agreement, which can be used as a tool and guide for a conversation between graduate student and advisor.  Signing such an agreement may help to increase the commitment to what is discussed.

Agreement adapted for Colorado School of Mines (pdf)   (MS Word version)

Departmental Agreements for the Colorado School of Mines:
Mechanical Engineering (pdf)

Additional examples:
Agreement used by Kamini Singha at Mines  (pdf)    (MS Word version)
The Association of American Medical Colleges (pdf)
Brown University (pdf)    (MS Word version)
University of Western Ontario (pdf)
Rackam Graduate School of the University of Michigan (pdf)