Employee Relief Fund



The Employee Relief Fund provides just-in-time assistance for Mines faculty and staff who are experiencing financial hardship such as household loss of income, an unhealthy living situation, effects from a natural disaster, or impacts felt from an unprecedented circumstance.

Funds provide immediate resources to cover faculty and staff’s critical expenses that may not otherwise be met under existing employee assistance programs, including:

  • Rent, utilities or other critical living expenses to help make ends meet, assist with a necessary transition or move out of an unhealthy living situation
  • Funding for clothing or basic essentials for someone who lost housing to a fire, flood, natural disaster or other emergency
  • Grocery money or a campus meal plan for an employee struggling to pay for basic needs
  • Assistance with medical bills from a sudden, unanticipated or unique situation
  • Travel and transportation expenses to attend a family member’s funeral or assist their family during a time of need

As a Mines faculty or staff member, you are eligible to apply for financial support from the Employee Relief Fund.

Due to high volume of CARES Act funding applications Mines has exhausted their allocation of funds and are no longer able to process any further student applications unless given additional funding through federal appropriation. If you are a student in need or experiencing any funding insecurity, please submit a CARE report. We want to help however possible, and still want to hear from you. 

Applications are reviewed on a rolling-basis by a diverse committee of peers.