NeST Seminar Courses

New Student & Transition Services offers first-year and transfer seminar courses for students as they begin their journey at Mines. These courses, designed to help students thrive at Mines, are taught by Mines faculty & staff as well as two upper-class student Peer Mentors.

Lead Peer Mentor

CSM101: First Year Success Seminar

CSM101 is a 1 credit hour course required for graduation. It is structured to assist first-year students with the transition to the academic & social communities of Mines. First year seminars are considered High Impact Practices nationally due to their connection to persistence and academic success. Students taking this course will have a built-in support structure, learning from a faculty or staff Mentor, two upper class Peer Mentors and each other. Classes are largely discussion and activity based, and include lessons on topics such as campus resources, getting to know faculty, learning about majors, and how to understand and appreciate differences. This course is meant to help new students facilitate their own academic and social success on campus.


CSM201: Transfer Success Seminar

CSM201 is a class dedicated for incoming transfer students to learn more about the resources available at Mines and to build community with other new transfer students. The curriculum is composed of weekly themed classes, each one focusing on a resource or topic important for incoming transfer students. The curriculum aims to introduce transfer students to a broad array of important Mines resources to help their transition. Through weekly journal entries, faculty research interview project, and one-on-one support, enrolled students finish the course feeling more connected to one another and the institution while gaining knowledge of important institutional initiatives and resources to aid in their success at Mines.