Lifting that diploma (with your knees) 

Paper is for exam prep. A Mines diploma comes silver plated. 

Countless hours in the lab. Numerous late-night study sessions. A multitude of projects under their belts. Orediggers work hard to complete their Mines degrees, so you can bet they get something more impressive than a simple piece of paper to show for it. And there’s nothing quite like being able to celebrate all you’ve accomplished at Commencement with a triumphant walk across the stage and a handshake from Mines’ president. But it wouldn’t be Mines without a little nerdy flair—after all, the pomp and circumstance means little without degrees being conferred with a lightsaber. 

What you’ll do


Walk across the stage with pride


Receive your hard-earned diploma

two people high-fiving

Celebrate with family and friends

The spring ceremony takes place outside at Marv Kay Stadium

Blaster is always on hand to help the president with last-minute details

There’s a lightsaber?!

Open to

Mines graduates, family and guests


Winter and spring


Golden, Colo.

Blaster posing for a picture with a student graduating from Mines

Orediggers work hard to walk across that graduation stage. It’s no wonder they throw their hats high—they’ve earned it.

starOredigger reviews


Annie, Environmental Engineering, Lakewood, Colo.

“The best part of Commencement is all of the unique Mines additives like the plush BlastersStar Wars references and engineering jokes. It is also really special that everyone has the opportunity to submit speeches and on-camera interviews. These aspects are what make the Mines community strong and well-rounded. Additionally, Commencement validates all of the struggles and hard work Mines students endure. It might sound cliche, but it is true that the tassel is worth the hassle.” 


Emily, Environmental Engineering, Clarence, N.Y.

“Commencement was great! I remember my PhD research being used as an example of the cool work being done at Mines, being nominated for the Rath award and leaving Commencement feeling so uplifted. My favorite part of the ceremony was the speech surrounding grad school, mental health and life given by a fellow PhD graduate. For folks still working toward the diploma, know that you’re absolutely going to make it! You are crushing it!” 


Sydney, Chemical Engineering, Highlands Ranch, Colo.

“Commencement was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! To be able to celebrate the work of my past four years with friends, family members and professors was the ultimate culmination of my time at Mines. It makes all the hard work worth it to be able to walk across the stage and receive your degree!” 


Jonathan, Chemical Engineering, Colorado Springs, Colo.

“Unfortunately, my undergraduate commencement was virtual, but I appreciate the work Mines put in to make it a special day. Graduation can seem far away during much of tour time and Mines, but you can make it! You’ll have that silver diploma in no time.” 


Katie, Civil Engineering, Orlando, Fla.

“I was a part of the weirdest commencement I’m sure Mines will ever have because it was all virtual, but they allowed us to walk in person! It was very nice to be able to share the moment with my family, and I picked the same time to walk as my boyfriend, so it was actually a wonderful experience because we otherwise wouldn’t have been walking at the same time as each other!” 


Amanda, Computational and Applied Mathematics, Fullerton, Calif.

“You can do it Orediggers! Commencement was actually pretty emotional for me. I was so happy I finally did it.” 


David, Chemical Engineering, Red Wing, Minn.

“The 2021 graduate student commencement ceremony was excellent. The addresses from President Johnson and Dr. Nathan Johnson were very inspiring given the additional adversity that the Class of 2021 had to overcome with the COVID-19 pandemic. I will always remember these addresses because they hit home with me, especially about battling imposter syndrome as a graduate student. To all those who are still working on their degrees—the adversity you have had to overcome over the past year does not go unnoticed by the Mines faculty, administration and alumni. Your ability to persevere in difficult times only strengthens the perception of Mines graduates across the globe. Dont be afraid to ask for help if you need it, and the end is always closer than it seems!”