The Classroom Experience

The Classroom Experience

Learning new things

It’s not about what you’ll learn—it’s about how you’ll change the world.

Orediggers don’t just learn what’s in their textbooks—they use their new skills to solve important, real-world problems throughout their Mines journey and beyond. With interesting lectures, informative seminars and hands-on experiences in high-tech classrooms and labs alongside engaged and dedicated faculty, your academic experiences will encourage you to ask new questions and reach higher than you ever thought possible. At Mines, we encourage you to go beyond the theoretical—we want you to make a difference.

What to expect


Student/faculty ratio is 16:1


70+ undergrad and grad programs


Highly decorated faculty

Open to

All Orediggers




Golden, Colo.

Students solving problems on the whiteboards in class.

The Mines classroom experience emphasizes open-ended problem solving and critical thinking that give Orediggers practical experiences they can take into their careers and be prepared for anything that comes their way.

starOredigger reviews


Akhil, Mechanical Engineering, Mumbai, India

“The classroom experience at Mines is unique, because it is challenging, rigorous and supportive at the same time. Every class is full of intellectually stimulating discussions, and it is pretty fun to brainstorm with professors and peers on novel ideas. The professors are very approachable and hold lots of office hours to ensure that every student succeeds. While it may seem overwhelming for some initially, the environment is such that everyone cares and wants you to succeed. I was a remote graduate student at Mines during my first semester, and my experience was as good, if not better, than in-person.”


Isabella, Biochemistry, Virginia Beach, Va.

“Definitely engaging in class discussion is the best way to stay focused and able to learn. I think professors that do encourage discussion and questions are the best ones and at Mines. I haven’t had a professor that doesn’t do that. New Orediggers should definitely go to office hours and build a relationship with their professors, because every professor does want to get to know their students, and it just feeds into the incredible network Mines students are able to build in their time here.”


James, Engineering Physics, Commerce City, Colo.

“Being in the classroom at Mines is great. You will always be able to find someone to relate to. My favorite moments in class were with my close friends working on assignments or making jokes and having fun. Mines classes are unique, because they are difficult and challenging, but they are manageable, especially with the help of your classmates. New Orediggers should try to find at least one friend in each class and go to office hours to do homework. It’s better than sitting and doing it alone.”


Trinity, Mechanical Engineering, Bennet, Neb.

“Mines classrooms are not at all what I expected in college. My class sizes have all been quite small except for a few, and everyone has been extremely welcoming. My favorite moment in class has been after the teacher has finished lecturing, and we just have a nice conversation. My advice is always ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask a stupid question, because most people are probably thinking the same thing as you. Also take advantage of tutoring, because I didn’t soon enough.”


Lilah, Chemical Engineering, Durango, Colo.

“Being in the classroom at Mines is going to be very very different from anything you’ve experienced. I thought I worked hard before transferring, but it was nothing compared to the time and effort required by Mines classes. You can expect to learn something crucial in every single class (don’t miss any!) and to learn problem-solving by working through the homework. You probably won’t be able to do the homework without attending office hours and/or finding a study group. However, the professors know and appreciate how hard you’re working, and the good ones will make class time light and humorous while managing to get everything across in a way that you’ll remember (Dr. Barankin is incredibly good at this). Expect to work really hard, but know that you can be successful if you put all of yourself into understanding, not just doing, the work.”


Ariel, Chemistry, Colorado Springs, Colo.

“At Mines, being in the classroom has been unique because of the level of intelligence and ‘nerdiness’ of the peers that surround you. It makes you feel like you are surrounded by people just like yourself who value academics and the pursuit of knowledge. It also makes the school more challenging and competitive, because where you may be used to succeeding and being known as the best, now you are amongst many others with similar experience. It is really great having so many faculty that are so connected to industry and research and to hear in class about their experiences and what they are working on. I really enjoy the opportunity to be introduced into all these options to apply my degree and potential careers.”


Callie, Chemistry, Champaign, Ill.

“The small sizes of classes and collaborative environment is what makes Mines courses unique to me. I felt as if I could always ask questions, easily participate in class and truly take part of my own learning and growing experience.”


Kylee, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Grand Junction, Colo.

“Professors all have different personalities and style, allowing for students to find what works best for them. They’re all enjoyable to learn from and knowledgeable in their respective fields. Some professors may not be ideal for you to learn from, but that’s OK, because there’s so much opportunity to adjust for yourself.”


Muhammad, Earth Resources Development Engineering, Jakarta, Indonesia

“It is very comfortable. The class atmosphere is comfortable, classes always have active participation between students and the lecturer, and the classrooms have complete facilities.”


Ashley, Biochemistry, Castle Rock, Colo.

“It is amazing to be in a Mines classroom. Not only are you being taught by an amazing professor but often they have industry experience, so you can get knowledge of real-world experiences as well. My favorite moment in class has been getting the hands-on experience of a subject matter through its lab section. Mines classes are unique, because they focus not just on making sure you know the concepts behind a subject matter but also make sure you can apply these concepts yourself to practical on the job situation. New/potential Orediggers should be engaged and participate in class discussions and ask questions when confused to truly make the most of their time learning at Mines. Furthermore, make sure to get involved with what interests you (research, TAing, clubs, etc.) to not only meet some amazing people but gain experience students at other schools won’t be able to.”