Prospecting Postdocs

  • It is recommended to discuss with your future advisor about:
    – What are the ongoing research projects and how do postdocs typically contribute to these projects?
    – What are the expectations regarding publications and conference presentations for postdocs?
    – How do they typically support and guide postdocs in their research and career development?
    – What are the career trajectories of past postdocs who have worked with you? How do you support postdocs in transitioning to their desired career paths after completing their tenure in your lab?
    – Can you provide examples of how you have supported postdocs in developing their professional skills, such as grant writing, networking, or teaching experience?
  • It is recommended to discuss with your future advisor about your career plans and opportunities to prepare yourself for specific careers (e.g., faculty positions).
  • Usually there is no start-up packages for postdocs, but before an offer is made, you should ask if your advisor can reimburse your reallocation cost.

Before Arriving on Campus

If you are a new postdoc/research associate at Mines and have a Mines email address, you should send an email to  


You should receive an email from human resources (HR) to complete the initial hiring paperwork. For additional information, please follow this link

Contact HR by email: or phone: 303-273-3250


HR department provides support for benefits to Mines’ employees. As research faculty, all benefits for Postdocs are documented in the faculty handbook. 

Contact Sally Byers in HR for additional information or questions about benefits:


On-Campus (Mines Park): there are apartments for postdocs on the Mines campus. Applications start every Spring. Please follow this link to apply: Mines Park Application 

Off-Campus: The Resident Life Department also maintains an informational resource webpage for off-campus housing.

Additional helpful links:
  – Off-campus-housing-resources
  – Facebook groups:
Zillow (and other websites)  

For office keys, we recommend that you coordinate with your advisor before arriving on campus to apply for key/access to the lab using Workday to place a work order. As a new postdoc, visit your Department office often! They are always ready to help you. Good luck, and welcome to Mines. 

International Postdocs

Global Education (GE) provides International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).

Contact ISSS by email: 

Information about Golden, CO

Not only a historic community, but Golden is also a launching point for outdoor adventure in the Rocky Mountains. Visit the following links to learn more. Living in Golden combines all the best aspects of life in Colorado and you may find different seasonal events, music festivals in a one-of-a-kind western town.


Golden can be accessed by car, bus, or rail. For information on the transportation options in golden, please follow this link

You also have access to on-campus parking.  Parking permits can be purchased online and are fully virtual.

After Arriving on Campus

Visit MAPS Office

Address: Guggenheim Hall, 224. Find a map here.

Meet Your Mentor
Establish open and regular communication Discuss policies and expectations. Discuss career goals.
Postdoctoral Orientations

Mines has an immersive virtual Campus tour. You may contact Postdoc Association officers or university for a guided tour. You can also find a campus map here!

Information & Technology Solutions

Set up your email, computer, and more: ITS resources for new employees. Open an IT ticket online. In-person or phone support can be found on the ITS department website.

Off Campus Resources

Convert out-of-state driver’s license & license plate on the Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) website.

Open a bank account: A Chase ATM is located on campus. Other banks having branches in Golden include Bank of the West, US Bank, and Wells Fargo. If you already have an account, we recommend checking with your bank to see whether they have a branch in the Denver area.
Don’t forget to explore nearby open spaces in the surrounding Jefferson country and Colorado!