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Why support women at mines?

Women account for half of the labor force, yet they account for only one-quarter of core STEM jobs. Since 1980, women have surpassed men in post-secondary education. In particular, the number of women graduating with science and engineering degrees has been increasing at a faster rate than their male peers over the past decades. Despite progress, the number of women students and graduates in science and engineering fields still represents a very small share of those pursing a STEM degree.

The Colorado School of Mines is committed to making a Mines education accessible to the most talented students, whatever their backgrounds. Women with diverse talents, backgrounds and perspectives bring fresh insights and innovative approaches that hasten solutions to the most difficult scientific problems and societal challenges. The Women in Science, Engineering and Mathematics (WISEM) program is dedicated to supporting and promoting women in STEM throughout their collegiate and professional careers.

Efforts your contributions help support

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  • Women are still significantly underrepresented in core STEM occupations, such as physical scientists, technologists, engineers, programmers and mathematicians. Women are significantly underrepresented in executive and high-level management positions held by STEM-educated individuals.
  • Representation matters. 40% of all academic hires at Mines between 2016-2022 were female job seekers. Women faculty and employees are essential role models within and outside the classroom to women students as they pursue their interests in STEM and see women breaking barriers in their careers.
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contribute to the success of women at Mines

Your investment will further support student scholarships, professional development programming and clubs and organizations that elevate Mines to top-of-mind for college-bound women students across the globe. WISEM is proud of what has been achieved so far through generous financial donations:

  • Mines’ women enrollment has increased by 106% since 2010 to account for nearly 34% of total undergraduate student enrollment in 2020.
  • Mines’ women students have notably higher retention rates than their male peers from their freshman to sophomore years. Women students going into year four retain at 97%.
  • Mines’ women graduate at a higher percentage than their male peers (82.9% compared to 74.7%) and hold the majority of student leadership positions on campus.
  • Mines’ women undergraduates from underrepresented racial and ethnic social identities averaged $46,710 in student loan debt in 2021. Seventy-four percent of Vanguard Scholars said their $5,000 scholarship significantly influenced their decision to attend Mines.