EMPOWER is a women’s group on campus with a mission to build a thriving community at Mines to enhance personal and professional goals of members through support, encouragement, inspiration, and cooperation while creating a strong professional network of empowered women. Mines faculty and staff are welcome to become members and attend the monthly meetings that feature speakers on professional development and wellness, allow for networking and social interaction, and include service projects supporting the local community.

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Steering Committee: Lia Franklin, Mary Cook, Susan Gieg, Lakshmi Krishna, Annette Pilkington, Nancy Progar, Jane Shiao

Interested in learning more, contact Lia Franklin at franklin@mines.edu and request to join the listserv.

Fall 2023 SCHEDULE

Monday, Sept 18th | Friedhoff Hall, Green Center | Navigating Difficult Conversations

11:45 Lunch Served, 12:00 Workshop Begins

Conflict is inevitable — in work and in life. Managers must address performance issues, and colleagues with competing priorities must figure out how to work together. These situations call for having tough conversations. The presenter will explain how to conduct tough conversations, build communication skills and enhance relationships — leading to better performance. You will also learn how to identify underlying differences in work styles, goals, and power dynamics and change the way you view conflict. As a bonus, you’ll receive practical tools to help you prepare for your next difficult conversation and make sure you choose words that won’t alienate the other person.

Tuesday, Oct 3rd | McNeil Room, SRC | 1:00 pm: Building the Mindset Muscle: How to Train Your Mind, Build Confidence, and Achieve Your Goals with Ava Lala

What if the results you want in your life all begin with a simple thought? In this talk, you’ll discover the fascinating interplay between confidence, courage, and mindset and how you can use this awareness to succeed in business and in life. Join us as we delve into the art of rewiring your brain, transforming negative thoughts to a positive force that builds consistent confidence. Through engaging exercises, we’ll explore the path to personal and professional growth and how it all starts with building the mindset muscle.


Wednesday, Oct 11th | Friedhoff Hall, Green Center | 11:45 am – 1:00 pm: Chevron Lecture and Luncheon featuring Michelle Roark

RSVP required.



Wednesday, November 8 | Ballrooms AB Student Center | 8:45 am – 10:00 am: Wednesdays with WISEM featuring Melissa Krebs

RSVP required.

Monday, Nov 6th | Abrusci’s Fire & Vine (2200 Youngfield, Lakewood) | 5-7pm: Mixology

Please join us for an evening of connection and camaraderie while learning, creating, and sipping delicious cocktails & mocktails. We’ll learn techniques like shaking, stirring, and muddling and the art of blending flavors in creative ways. Tools and ingredients will be provided as well as snacks. (Please note: a fee of $20/person will be required to cover alcohol, mixers and tip.)

Tuesday, Dec 19th | Bridgewater Grill, Golden Hotel | EMPOWER Social

Save the date for the end of year EMPOWER Social! More details to come.

Spring 2024 SCHEDULE

Wednesday, Feb 7th | McNeil Room, SRC | 11:00 am: Performance Enhancing Language: How to Use Words Differently to Create Deliberate Outcomes with Koshare Eagle

Do you know the vocabulary you use has the power to deliver the outcomes you desire? Choosing the right words is the key to creating the impact you seek. Learn how to increase your objectives by using words to better align with your intended outcomes. More details will be sent out in January.

Wednesday, March 27th | Friedhoff – Green Center | 11:45 am: SWE, WMCA & EMPOWER Lunch

Let’s celebrate Mines’ Women of History AND Women @ Mines. Enjoy an interactive activity over lunch, learning about the historical women of Mines while connecting and celebrating with ALL Mines women – student, staff, faculty. We will be playing the game-based learning app, Kahoot, with fun multiple-choice questions.

Thursday, April 18th | McNeil Room, SRCElevate Your Career – Beauty, Branding, and Beyond

12:00pm-1pm Workshops, 12:30pm-1:30pm Professional Headshots

Join us for a day of self-discovery, personal branding, and professional growth as we delve into three essential areas to elevate your career. Start the event learning to look and feel your best both inside and out with our expert makeup and skincare tutorial. Next you will learn how to create a compelling and impactful resume that showcases your achievements and skills effectively while gaining insights into optimizing your LinkedIn profile to attract potential employers and grow your network. And lastly, as you know, in today’s digital age a captivating headshot is your first introduction in the professional world. Take advantage of our exclusive opportunity to get professional headshots taken to capture your best self, reinforcing your personal brand and making a lasting impression on prospective employers and colleagues.

Tuesday, May 21st | Location TBD| 4:00 – 6:00 pm: EMPOWER Social

Save the date for the end of year EMPOWER Social!

Past Semester Schedules

Spring 2023

2/1/2023 Putting a Stop to Women’s Dead-End Work with Brenda Peyser

3/8/2023 Heart Centered Leadership in a Time of Grief with Kathi Quinn

4/11/2023 You Matter

5/16/2023 EMPOWER Social

Fall 2022

9/7/2022 SDI – Know your Strengths with Mary Elliott and Kelsi Streich

10/5/2022 Chevron Lecture and Luncheon featuring Pooja Sankar

10/11/2022 Empowered by Iron: Building Confidence and Resilience through Weight Training

11/15/2022 Money Matters Seminar

11/16/2022 Wednesdays with WISEM Luncheon and Presentation featuring Dr. Iris Bahar

12/21/2022 EMPOWER Social

Spring 2022

2/15/2021 Candid Conversations with Christine Homer

3/30/2022 Joint SWE, EMPOWER and W-MCA Meeting

4/5/2022 Empowered Women Empower Women

5/18/2022 EMPOWER Social

Fall 2021

9/7/2021 Empowered by Iron: Building Confidence and Resilience through Weight Training

10/27/2021 Mentoring, Mentorship and Sponsorship

11/16/2021 Lunch with Leadership

12/21/2021 EMPOWER Social

Spring 2021

2/2/21     Lessons learned from COVID 19 and looking towards the future – Joint Program with AFC – Campus leadership

3/10/21      Building Your Empower Connections

4/8/21       Performance Planning, Goals and Leadership Development

5/19/21       End of Year Celebration                 

Fall 2020

9/15/20    Starting the Year Off Strong – Goal Setting, Priorities, Balance & Fun

10/14/20      Restorative Justice

11/12/20     Maintaining Motivation and Joy at Work

12/16/20       End of Year Celebration

Spring 2020

2/18/20     Financial Insights – Planning for your Future

3/10/20      Salary Negotiations Workshop
                  American Association of University Women (this session will run from 12-2 in the Avery Room, Student Center)

4/7/20        Taking Care of You – Body, Mind, and Soul

5/20/20       End of Year Celebration
                   Location: TBD

Fall 2019

   9/3/19     Strong & Powerful:  Resistance Training, Confidence and Shifting the Culture for Women in the Weight Room
                           Featuring:  Heather Hamilton, Mines Director of Fitness (Location:  Ballroom A)

  10/16/19  Ethics in the Workplace
                          Featuring Sandy Woodson, Mines Teaching Professor, HAAS

  11/12/19  Self Awareness & Implicit Bias Awareness
                          Featuring Dr. Amy Landis, Mines Profesor, CEE and Presidential Faculty Fellow for Access, Attainment & Diversity

  12/18/19  End of Semester Celebration
                          Location: TBD

Spring 2019

February 5th: “Investing 101” – Micheal Denison with New York Life

March 6th: “Changing the World Through Research at Mines” – Stefanie Tompkins – VP of Research and Tech Transfer

April 2nd: “Self Awareness and Implicit Bias – Awareness and Updates from DIA Committee” – Amy Landis

May 22nd: End of semester social – More to come

Fall 2018

September 4thStrengths Quest Part B – Mary Elliott

October 24th: “Simple Steps to Financial Control” –

Hugh O’Rourke with Net Financial

November 7th: “Effective Ways to Manage Work Place Harassment and Negotiating Microagressions”- Karin Ranta Curran

December social TBD (more to come)

Spring 2018

February 20th: Navigating Campus Politics – Becca Flintoft

March 21st: Wholeness, Balance, and Spiritual Healing – Lisa Martinez Crownover

April 17th: Polishing your resume and CL updates – Lin Sherman

May 16th: Conflict Management and Resolution – Kate Kelsey

Fall 2017

September 19th: Strengths Quest – Mary Elliott

October 18th: The Art of Negotiation in Every Day Life – Cynthia Banks

November 21st: Updates on Sibson progress – Vicki Nichol

December 20th: Wellness – Becca Pike

Spring 2017

January 17th: Mentoring Panel Discussion

February 15th: “Gal”entines Celebration

March 15th: Stress Managment

April 18th: Art of Negotiation – Deb Lasich

May 17th: End of Year Celebration

Fall 2016

September 13th: Agenda Review, Reconnecting, Committee Opportunities, Networking Opportunities, Homework, and Employer Branding and PR

October 12th: Speaker Dean Ramona Graves

November 15th: Our First Lady, and Service Project Activity – Elyse Johnson

December 14th: Cookie Exchange