EMPOWER is a women’s group on campus with a mission to build a thriving community at Mines to enhance personal and professional goals of members through support, encouragement, inspiration, and cooperation while creating a strong professional network of empowered women. Mines faculty and staff are welcome to become members and attend the monthly meetings that feature speakers on professional development and wellness, allow for networking and social interaction, and include service projects supporting the local community.

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Planning Committee:  Lia Franklin, Katie Schmalzel, Mary Cook, Kelly Knechtel and Annette Pilkington

Social Committee:  Nancy Progar and Lisa Goberis

Interested in learning more, contact Lia Franklin at franklin@mines.edu and request to join the list serve.

 Fall 2020 & SPRING 2021 SCHEDULE

Fall Semester
(Zoom Meetings)

Tuesday, Sept 15th | 1 pm:  Starting the Year Off Strong – Goal Setting, Priorities, Balance & Fun (Lia)

This kick off session will help you with goal setting for a successful 20-21, setting priorities, finding balance and of course having fun.  Join us for a fun interactive session to set you up for a great academic year. 

Wednesday, Oct 14th | 1pm:  Restorative Justice (Katie and Sareen)

The Title IX Office is bringing restorative practices to our Mines community! The goal of Restorative Justice (RJ) is to create a community where harms are addressed in a productive way so trust can be rebuilt. We plan to provide you with basic tools to
1) recognize when a harm has occurred; and
2) address the harm in the moment in a way that is compassionate and forward thinking.

Thursday, Nov 12th | 1pm:  Maintaining Motivation and Joy at Work (Annette & Mary)

Working remotely during a pandemic can zap our energy and drive.  Join us to discuss ways to maintain motivation to get work done and increase your joy in the process.  This interactive session will make you laugh and will connect you with colleagues.  

Wednesday, Dec 16th:  Social

(More details to come – Save the date)

Spring Semester
(Zoom meetings schedule, should things change and we can meet in person, we will)

Tuesday, February 2nd | 1 pm:  Lessons learned from COVID 19 and looking towards the future- Joint Program with AFC- Campus leadership TBD – (Amanda & Lia) 

Join us as we learn from some of our campus leaders (Kirsten, Dan and Peter) about what we have learned as a result of the pandemic, what we are working on to move forward, how this has helped us to do things differently, and more.  

Wednesday, Mar 10th | 1pm:  Building Your Empower Connections (Lia and Annette)

Learn about the value of connecting and building networks, as well as putting this work into practice as we spend time in small groups building networks with our Empower members. 

Thursday, April 8th | 1pm:  Performance Planning, Goals and Leadership Development (Kelly)

Learn how to set measurable goals for the upcoming performance cycle, and ensure you have a line of sight from your goals to that of leadership within your department/campus unit and the overall institution.

Wednesday, May 19:  Social
(More details to come – Save the date) 


Past Semester Schedules

Spring 2020

2/18/20     Financial Insights – Planning for your Future

3/10/20      Salary Negotiations Workshop
                  American Association of University Women (this session will run from 12-2 in the Avery Room, Student Center)

4/7/20        Taking Care of You – Body, Mind, and Soul

5/20/20       End of Year Celebration
                   Location: TBD

Fall 2019

   9/3/19     Strong & Powerful:  Resistance Training, Confidence and Shifting the Culture for Women in the Weight Room
                           Featuring:  Heather Hamilton, Mines Director of Fitness (Location:  Ballroom A)

  10/16/19  Ethics in the Workplace
                          Featuring Sandy Woodson, Mines Teaching Professor, HAAS

  11/12/19  Self Awareness & Implicit Bias Awareness
                          Featuring Dr. Amy Landis, Mines Profesor, CEE and Presidential Faculty Fellow for Access, Attainment & Diversity

  12/18/19  End of Semester Celebration
                          Location: TBD

Spring 2019

February 5th: “Investing 101” – Micheal Denison with New York Life

March 6th: “Changing the World Through Research at Mines” – Stefanie Tompkins – VP of Research and Tech Transfer

April 2nd: “Self Awareness and Implicit Bias – Awareness and Updates from DIA Committee” – Amy Landis

May 22nd: End of semester social – More to come

Fall 2018

September 4thStrengths Quest Part B – Mary Elliott

October 24th: “Simple Steps to Financial Control” –

Hugh O’Rourke with Net Financial

November 7th: “Effective Ways to Manage Work Place Harassment and Negotiating Microagressions”- Karin Ranta Curran

December social TBD (more to come)

Spring 2018

February 20th: Navigating Campus Politics – Becca Flintoft

March 21st: Wholeness, Balance, and Spiritual Healing – Lisa Martinez Crownover

April 17th: Polishing your resume and CL updates – Lin Sherman

May 16th: Conflict Management and Resolution – Kate Kelsey

Fall 2017

September 19th: Strengths Quest – Mary Elliott

October 18th: The Art of Negotiation in Every Day Life – Cynthia Banks

November 21st: Updates on Sibson progress – Vicki Nichol

December 20th: Wellness – Becca Pike

Spring 2017

January 17th: Mentoring Panel Discussion

February 15th: “Gal”entines Celebration

March 15th: Stress Managment

April 18th: Art of Negotiation – Deb Lasich

May 17th: End of Year Celebration

Fall 2016

September 13th: Agenda Review, Reconnecting, Committee Opportunities, Networking Opportunities, Homework, and Employer Branding and PR

October 12th: Speaker Dean Ramona Graves

November 15th: Our First Lady, and Service Project Activity – Elyse Johnson

December 14th: Cookie Exchange