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What chess-playing computer developed by IBM defeated world champion Garry Kasparov in 1997?

A) Junior

B) Deep Blue

C) Deep Thought

D) The Turk

E) Deep Fritz

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[Jul 28 2015]

R&D Magazine features Mines' algal biofuels research ...more

[Jul 24 2015]

Mines students help explain geology in Ansel Adams exhibit at Foothills Art Center ...more

[Jul 24 2015]

Science mag reports on Prof. O'Hayre's fuel cell breakthrough ...more

[Jul 23 2015]

Prof. O'Hayre's ceramic fuel cell research published in Science magazine ...more

[Jul 23 2015]

Powerful, efficient ceramic fuel cells could enable in-home production of electricity from natural gas GOLDEN, Colo., July 23, 2015 – The development of affordable and efficient ceramic fuel cells that could be used to power homes, the culmination of five years ...more

[Jul 23 2015]

Payne Institute for Earth Resources named thanks to $5 million investment GOLDEN, CO, July 23, 2015 — Colorado School of Mines’ premier policy institute for earth resources has a new name: the Payne Institute for Earth Resources. ...more

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