Colorado School of Mines

Mission & Vision

Mines Mission

Our STEM-focused education and research produce the talent, knowledge and solutions to serve industry and benefit society – all to create a more prosperous future. It’s the mission Mines was founded on 150 years ago and where we continue to excel today. We’re a community of innovative leaders and resilient problem-solvers who revel in challenges and work together in order to engineer solutions on Earth and beyond.


Mines will be the premier institution for engineering and science, based on the impact of its students, graduates and research programs.

Colorado School of Mines is a world-renowned institution that continually enhances its leadership in education and research to serve and advance industry, government agencies and communities around the world. By maximizing its top-ranked academic programs, close industry connections, cutting-edge research and a global alumni network, Mines is the go-to place for distinction and expertise in both established and emerging engineering and scientific fields.

school building

Colorado School of Mines was founded in 1874

mortar board

Mines’ first formal commencement was held in 1883


The first silver diploma was created in 1933

snow-capped mountain

The hillside M was constructed on Mt. Zion in 1908


The school’s fight song, “The Mining Engineer,” was established in 1885