Multiple Degrees

Double Degrees

A student wishing to complete two bachelor of science degrees must complete the first degree plus a minimum of thirty hours specific to the second-degree program. The 30 hours for the second degree may not include free electives and may not be double counted with any credit used to complete the first degree. The degree plan for the second degree must be approved by the advisor, the department head, and the Registrar’s Office representing Academic Affairs.

When two degrees are completed concurrently, the first degree is the one with fewer total hours required for graduation. In the case of a returning student, the first degree is the originally completed degree. The two degrees may be in different colleges. The degree plan may include courses from multiple departments. Different catalogs may be used, one for each degree program. The student receives two separate diplomas. The transcript lists both degrees.

A student may not earn two degrees in the same content area because the course requirements and content do not significantly differ.

The following combinations are not allowable:

  • BS in Engineering, Mechanical Specialty & BS in Mechanical Engineering
  • BS in Engineering, Electrical Specialty & BS in Electrical Engineering
  • BS in Engineering, Environmental Specialty & BS in Environmental Engineering
  • BS in Engineering, Civil Specialty & BS in Civil Engineering
  • BS in Mathematics & Computer Science & BS in Applied Math and Statistics
  • BS in Mathematics & Computer Science & BS in Computer Science
  • BS in Chemical Engineering & BS in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


Double Specialty

A double specialty in engineering is not considered a double degree. Students wishing to receive a double specialty in engineering must declare each specialty, and receive an Academic Advisor for each. All graduation requirements for each specialty must be completed. The student will graduate with one bachelor of science degree in engineering, and each individual specialty will be noted on the official transcript. Engineering specialties will not appear on a student’s diploma at the time of graduation.

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