Registration FAQs

Students can find most answers to registration questions below. If you are unable to find the answer to your question please contact

Q. How do I find my Time Ticket?

Log into your Student Profile in Banner Student Self-Service. In your Student Profile, your time ticket is under Registration Notices in top right corner.

Q. Why don’t I have a time-ticket appearing on my Student Profile?
  • Be sure that you in the correct registration term to view the correct term status. You can select the term in the dropdown above your photo.
  • Did you apply to graduate at the end of the current semester? You may need to update your expected graduation date or apply to another program if you are planning to take courses the next term.
  • Time-tickets refresh at the top of every hour. You may need to wait a few minutes to reload.
Q. What is my Registration PIN?

Some Majors/Departments require students to meet with an advisor to obtain an “Alternate PIN” in order to gain access to registration. If you are required to enter a PIN, you can get that from your CASA Advisor or Faculty Mentor. It is highly recommended that you meet with an advisor before registration week.

Q. How do I register for classes?

There are 2 systems that can be used. GEODE and Banner 9 Self-Service Registration. Be sure that you only log into ONLY one system at a time, or it may lock up your registration and cause a registration failure.

For more information about each system visit:
* GEODE Schedule Planner:
* Banner 9 Self-Service Registration (SSB9):

Q. How do I know what courses I still need to complete?

We recommend you review your Degree Audit in Degree Works and/or meet with an advisor.

* Note: If you get a permissions error message when trying to access Degree Works, you may need to go to, Sign out and back in again.

Q. Who can I speak to about what classes to take?

We recommend reaching out to CASA for advising related questions.

For more information visit:
* First-year students can find details on academic advising from your first-year advisor
* Declared students can find details on academic advising based on your major. Note: you will need to click on your major to view details on advising

Q. Why does my roommate/friend get to register before me?

Registration times are assigned by a variety of factors, including Expected Graduation Date, Completed Credits, Admission to a Graduate program, Athletic or Veteran Status, etc. Be sure to submit all official transcripts for Transfer Credit, apply to graduate if you have completed 90+ credits, or apply for a combined program if you plan to pursue a graduate degree.

Q. I have a Hold on my account. How do I resolve that so I can register?

Information about registration holds can be found at:

Q. I get an Error Message when trying to register for a class. What can I do?
  • Registration Error Messages will appear when the requested registration is not successful. To see more information about common registration errors, visit:
  • To request an override for a course, submit a Registration Action Form found on the “Registrar’s Office” Card in Trailhead.