2024 Celebration of DI&A at Mines: Call for Proposals

The 2024 Celebration of DI&A at Mines will be held on Tuesday, April 2nd. Submissions are due no later than January 23, 2024. You are welcome to submit more than one. Breakout session facilitators will be notified of their acceptance/decline status in late February.

Session Format(Required)
Discussion Format(Required)
Target audience(Required)
This title is concise and captures interest.
The session description is evaluated based on: being focused and concise; being a relevant and impactful diversity, equity & inclusion topic. This description will also be used to advertise your session.
The most effective sessions include interaction that gets the audience working or dialoguing with their peers or the facilitator(s).
Select the best track and specialized area of focus for your session.
Select the learning level most appropriate for your session. Foundational: Content provides an introductory or basic understanding. Intermediate: Appropriate for those who are looking to build on and increase their knowledge in the content area. Advanced: For those who have been actively applying the foundational and intermediate concepts and are looking to increase their expertise in the content area.
Delivery mode(Required)
The Celebration is designed as an on-campus program. Virtual sessions may be added based on demand and rooming constraints.

Submitter's Information

If industry, type company name. If alumni, type alumni. If more than one department or unit, list all or your primary/home department or unit.
Only required for individuals associated with an external company.
Only required for individuals associated with an external company.