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Please note: Mines DI&A workshops are currently only available within the Mines Community. If you are not a student, faculty or staff of Mines, we invite you to review some of our different resources, including Inclusion Icebreakers, the Inclusive Classroom Checklist, and the Advocate for Racial Equity Resources page.

During this 1-hour interactive, scenario-based workshop, the Advocate facilitators invite the Mines community to explore incidents of micro and macroaggressions experienced by women colleagues. Participants will practice appropriate actions to take in those situations.

The content of this workshop was created in consultation with the Mines Women Advisory Board. The workshop is facilitated by Mines DI&A Advocates.

Through interactive skill-building group work, this 1-hour learning and skill development opportunity discusses how to challenge microaggressions (unintentional slights or invalidations that make people feel unwelcome) when they arise and how to become agents of change.​ This workshop is facilitated by Mines DI&A Ambassadors.

This interactive workshop unpacks unconscious/implicit bias, invites participants to consider their own biases and the ways biases manifest in an organization. Specific strategies and skill-building are offered for minimizing them on both personal and organizational levels. The workshop is facilitated by Mines DI&A Ambassadors.

SAFEZone is an interactive 90 minute training program designed for faculty, staff, and students. This training is an opportunity to learn about LGBTQ+ identities, gender and sexuality, and examine prejudice, assumptions, and privilege. Administered by representatives of Mines’ oSTEM chapter, we hope to foster an inclusive environment on campus.

Students and groups can request the following workshops: 10 Signs of Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships, Escalation Workshop on campus dating violence, Sexual Assault Prevention, Oredigger Bystander Intervention, Resilience, Stress Management, and Stalking Prevention for Student Leaders. Workshops range from 45-90 minutes.

Are you curious about the genesis and evolution of DI&A at Mines? What questions do you have? Where would you like to plug in to our culture of shared responsibility?

Our team joins yours for 10-15 minutes to provide an overview of the DI&A Strategic Plan and the progress of the plan’s 24 recommendations to improve diversity, inclusion and access at Mines.

Developed by Mines’ own Dr. Shannon Mancus, this 1-hour workshop allows participants to work through a “toolkit” of methods for leading difficult conversations around DI&A and justice issues. The “toolkit” will include concrete methods that can be implemented before, during, and after difficult conversations in the classroom or meetings in order to make such discussions as productive as possible. 

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