Call for Mines DI&A Ambassadors Application 2023-2024

Application Deadline: March 6, 2023

Description: The Mines DI&A Ambassadors program is a strategy used to help meet the growing requests for diversity and inclusion workshops across campus. Mines DI&A Ambassadors are trained to engage in deeper learning about implicit bias, microaggressions and other diversity, equity and inclusion topics as they relate to fostering a culture of inclusion and enacting positive social change on campus.

Interested in teaching others, honing your facilitation skills and meeting the growing requests for diversity and inclusion workshops across campus? Apply to join the second cohort of Mines DI&A Ambassadors. These paid positions are open to current Mines students, faculty and staff.  

What can you expect? 

Training: You will earn your DI&A facilitator certificate after completing training, followed by practice sessions throughout the semester.  

Facilitating workshops: Once you’ve passed your certification, DI&A takes campus requests for workshops and will work with your schedule to assign workshops. 

Pay: $33 per workshop (includes workshop preparation) 

Expectations: Attend trainings, attend regular ambassador meetings, facilitate at least two workshops per semester, provide advice and feedback to DI&A and ambassador team.  

Time Commitment:

  • Interview with selection committee (30-mins)
  • Training (2 days)
  • Ambassador meetings (1-hour monthly)
  • Workshops: (deliver a minimum of three, 1-hour workshops each semester)

Duration: Minimum 2 years facilitating workshops

Eligibility: Prior participation in a DEI workshop(s) is prerequisite for Mines DI&A Ambassador program. The program seeks representation from all campus units, academic departments, employment and student classifications. Selected Ambassadors much receive the approval from their supervisor in order to participate.


  • Facilitate diversity, inclusion and access workshops to Mines students, faculty and staff
  • Advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion in your spheres of influence and in decision-making


  • Professional development (e.g., facilitation skills, navigating challenging conversations, public speaking)
  • Network with other allies and Ambassadors
  • Lead institutional transformation: priceless

Contacts: Direct inquiries to