Submitted by Christian Westhof


Tell us how you or your department, organization or team is supporting diversity initiatives and antiracism or a helpful resource you’ve been using.

A resource I’ve found helpful to bring the topic of racism to the forefront of my mind and conversations with my community is the Scene on Radio Podcast season 2: Seeing White. The NYtimes podcast 1619 is also helpful.


Why did you take this initiative or explore this resource?

Working towards personal growth is why explore these conversations. As I open up as an individual in love towards others, I can no longer ignore or unsee what I’ve seen. In life I want to become better over time. Challenging myself as an individual is one way I work towards this.


Why are discussions about racism and diversity valuable for individuals, teams and the broader Mines community?

These discussions help me understand the other (someone different than myself) better. It helps me love others and be open to them. It helps me own my own biases and how to deconstruct and reconstruct myself for the pursuit a more just and loving world.


Do you have any advice or a message for the Oredigger community on ways to foster a diverse and inclusive campus?

Listen and read. Open up to the world around us, practice love, practice hospitality, practice inclusion.



Help the Mines community continue to learn and take action regarding diversity and racism on campus.

Tell us about a resource you’ve found insightful, or share a story about how your team, class, department or organization is discussing and addressing issues related to diversity or racism.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and what you’ve been working on so we can share with the Mines campus and encourage others to take these necessary steps as we climb together.