DI&A Peer Educators




Program Overview

Through innovative, student-centered outreach, programs and workshops, in collaboration with the Institutional Equity and Title IX office, the Peer Educators create an inclusive support system on campus for all students promoting safe, healthy behaviors and relationships and an inclusive campus culture.


  1. To develop student campus leaders who are equipped with the skills needed to act as role models in the Mines community; to help their peers thrive.
  2. To enhance the outreach, education, skill-building, and personal growth relevant to furthering well-being and resilience for the Mines student body.
  3. To build the capacity of DI&A at Mines, the Counseling Center, Student Wellness Promotion and the Office of Institutional Equity & Title IX to impact more students on topics critical to student safety and well-being.
  4. To decrease the stigma associated with mental health, increase awareness for issues related to student well-being and encourage help-seeking behaviors.
  5. To create an excellent program that is certified, effective and unified in its vision and purpose.

Focus Areas

  • Allyship and bystander skills
  • Inclusion, Minimizing Microaggressions, and Understanding Unconscious Bias
  • Mental Health, Peer Listening & Wellness Promotion
  • Healthy Relationships and Violence Prevention


educators’ benefits

  • Develop professional and interpersonal skills including leadership, advocacy, public speaking, project management, event planning, teamwork and evaluation. 
  • Receive specialized training from campus and community professionals in areas such as safety, crisis management, communication, public engagement and wellness.
  • Earn a national Certified Peer Educator training certificate, and  join peers from universities across the country serving in similar roles at their respective institutions.
  • Receive hourly compensation at a rate higher than minimum wage.



  1. Facilitate interactive workshops on the topics relevant to the health, safety and well-being of Mines students, including (but not limited to): minimizing microaggressions, unconscious bias, resilience, alcohol and drug use, consent, healthy relationships, mental health, sexual assault prevention, stress and bystander intervention.
  2. Assist staff in coordinating national and campus-wide awareness programs and events such as the Clothesline Project, Denim Day, Mental Health Month, Alcohol Awareness Week, etc.
  3. Outreach to student organizations, academic classes, Residence Life and other campus departments.
  4. Promote campus and community resources through tabling, social media and other public outlets.
  5. Provide peer-to-peer support and referrals through the drop-in peer listening group (optional).


Mines DI&A Peer Educators

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