About Every Oredigger

Creating a Mines Where Every Oredigger Can Flourish

At Mines, we equip our students with the tools they need to be successful professionally.  

✔ Teamwork

✔ Problem-solving

✔ Technical chops

But we aren’t just scientists and engineers, entrepreneurs and innovators, risk takers and world changers. We are all humans, too, and navigating our increasingly complex world isn’t easy for anyone.

At Mines, we aren’t alone, though. Orediggers climb together, succeed together, thrive together.

The Every Oredigger initiative aims to take this a step further – to equip all Orediggers for professional success and personal well-being today, tomorrow and beyond.

The mission of Every Oredigger is simple: Creating a Mines where every member of our community can flourish personally and professionally, where every Oredigger gains the tools needed to be the best versions of themselves.

While each of our climbs may look different, by the time we reach the peak – together – we will be ready for whatever life throws our way.


We are equipped for life.

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In 2024, the year of our anniversary, we will celebrate Mines’ past, present and possibilities.

Every Oredigger will attain and support the following goals:

✔ Prioritize personal and community well-being for every member of the campus community

✔ Connect students to well-being advisors and coaches throughout their time at Mines

For more information, visit our Mines@150 Vision Page

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Everyone runs their own race, know that you’ll get there in your own time. 

No-cost tutoring is provided to all undergraduate students. 

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