Mines Policy Library

Fraternity and Sorority Housing Policy


Responsible Administrative Unit: Student Life

Policy Contact: Director of Residence Life & Housing, Mary Elliot (mfelliot@mines.edu)


This policy is promulgated by the Board of Trustees pursuant to the authority conferred upon it by §23-41-104(1), C.R.S. (1998) in order to set forth guidelines for the establishment at CSM of residence halls specifically dedicated to fraternity and sorority organizations. This policy shall supersede any previously promulgated CSM policy that is in conflict herewith.


The Board recognizes that the presence of fraternity and sorority organizations at CSM has a beneficial effect upon the educational environment and the overall quality of campus life. In order to facilitate the presence of fraternities and sororities at CSM, the Board is authorizing CSM to acquire, construct, and remodel appropriate buildings on the CSM campus to serve as dedicated residence halls for interested fraternities and sororities subject to the guidelines set forth in section III below.


The Board specifically reserves the right to approve the acquisition, construction, and financing of each new dedicated fraternity or sorority residence hall. These residence halls will be managed as part of CSM’s residence hall system and be subject to CSM’s existing rules for residence halls. In addition, in order to qualify for a dedicated CSM residence hall pursuant to this policy, a fraternity or sorority, at a minimum, must:

  1. Be a CSM chapter of a nationally recognized fraternity or sorority organization;
  2. Be an officially recognized CSM student organization registered through the Office of Student Life;
  3. Be “dry,” or alcohol-free;
  4. Be willing to pledge a sufficient minimum number of residents for a sufficient period of time to allow CSM to meet its financial obligations with respect to the acquisition, renovation and maintenance of the property; and
  5. Be willing to abide by all other reasonable rules, regulations, and requirements for dedicated fraternity and sorority residence halls as may be established by the Office of Student Life from time to time.