Policies and Procedures by Subject

Board of Trustees Policies

The Colorado School of Mines Board of Trustees has legal control and management of the School and its property and may make any bylaws or regulations for the management and governance of the School not inconsistent with state law (§ 23-41-104(1), C.R.S. (2012)).

Academic Affairs Policies

Faculty Handbook, Academic Procedures, Student Catalogue, etc.

external relations policies

Media, Marketing, Government Relations, etc.

human resources policies

Personnel files, Overtime, School Closure, etc.

research policies

Conflict of Interest, Intellectual Property, Budget Exception, Direct Charging, etc.

student policies

Honor Code, Disciplinary Action, Campus Housing, etc.

data policies

Data Code of Conduct, Student and Administrative Privacy, Security Cameras, etc.

financial policies

Travel, Procurement, Cash Handling, Budget, etc.

Information Technology Policies

E-Mail, Data access, Security, etc.

Safety, Facilities, Parking, and Property Policies

Parking, Facilities Use, Firearms, Chemical, etc.