Mines Student Honor Code


Responsible Administrative Unit: Student Life

Policy Contact: Dean of Students, Derek Morgan (dmorgan@mines.edu)


The students of Colorado School of Mines have adopted the following Student Honor Code in order to establish a high standard of student behavior at Mines. The Code may only be amended through a student referendum supported by a majority vote of the Mines student body. Mines students shall be involved in the enforcement of the Code through their participation in the Student Conduct Appeals Board.

2.0 CODE

Mines students believe it is our responsibility to promote and maintain high ethical standards in order to ensure our safety, welfare, and enjoyment of a successful learning environment. Each of us, under this Code, shall assume responsibility for our behavior in the area of academic integrity. As a Mines student, I am expected to adhere to the highest standards of academic excellence and personal integrity regarding my schoolwork, exams, academic projects, and research endeavors. I will act honestly, responsibly, and above all, with honor and integrity in all aspects of my academic endeavors at Mines. I will not misrepresent the work of others as my own, nor will I give or receive unauthorized assistance in the performance of academic coursework. I will conduct myself in an ethical manner in my use of the library, computing center, and all other school facilities and resources. By practicing these principles, I will strive to uphold the principles of integrity and academic excellence at Mines. I will not participate in or tolerate any form of discrimination or mistreatment of another individual.


For more information on Mines policies and procedures, see the Mines Policy Library at https://www.mines.edu/policy-library/student/.


The document will be reviewed at least every two (2) years by the Responsible Administrative Unit.

Issued Spring 2002
June 2012 updated (format)
August 2016 updated (addition of resources, review cycle & history section; updated titles)