Course Substitutions

Graduate Students

Please contact the Office of Graduate Studies for more information on substituting courses.

Undergraduate Students

Students may request to have a course taken at the Colorado School of Mines substitute for a different class in order to satisfy graduation requirements. This may be done with a Course Substitution Form. To submit a course substitution form, all of the following information must be provided:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your CWID.
  3. Your major department.
  4. Your current class level. (See the Class Standing page for more information.)
  5. The reason the course is being substituted. (If you changed majors if the course was not offered, etc.)
  6. Your signature and the date.
  7. Both the completed course and the required course must be listed on the form.
  8. The Department Head of the completed course and the Department Head of the required course must sign the form.
  9. Your Academic Advisor must sign the form.
  10. Your major department head must sign the form.

Once the form has been completed and all of the required signatures have been obtained, the form must be turned in to the Registrar’s Office. You will be able to see the substitution on your Unofficial Degree Audit through Trailhead within one week.

Please Note: A course substitution form only affects your graduation requirement. It will not affect prerequisites for other classes. If you are attempting to register for a class and have substituted one of the prerequisites, you will need to complete a Registration Action form.


Registrar's Office
Student Center, Suite E280
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Golden, CO 80401
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8 am-5 pm

Registration or student record questions
FAX: 303-384-2253
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