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Information regarding transfer and advanced credit is located here.


Transfer Credit Appeals

To appeal a transfer credit decision, please email and address your concern to the Registrar, Paul Myskiw. For further concerns, you may contact the Colorado Department of Higher Education.


Colorado School of Mines has traditionally only accepted transfer credit with letter grades of “C” or better for undergraduate students and C-“or better for graduate students in order to receive transfer credit.

Colorado School of Mines recognizes that some institutions converted courses that would normally be letter grades to some type of P/F (Pass/Fail) for all students in the Spring 2020 and the Summer 2020 terms.  This addendum acknowledges that The Colorado School of Mines will accept P/F transfer credit from the Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 terms.  The applicability of coursework will still apply. 

As stated Colorado School of Mines normally accepts credit for courses of “C” grade or better, this is to help students progress in coursework at the Colorado School of Mines.  If you did not do “C” or better coursework for a course regardless of receiving a “P” grade at another institution you may want to  consider not transferring the course and retaking it at the Colorado School of Mines.  Credit for transfer courses will display on your Colorado School of Mines transcript as a grade of “T”.  The grades obtained for transferred courses do not count towards your Colorado School of Mines GPA.  An official transcript issued by the institution with a grade for the course(s) must be submitted directly to the Registrar’s Office at Colorado School of Mines in order for credit to be posted to the student’s record.  We want to provide the most flexibility and options to our students.


Registrar's Office
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Hours: Mon-Fri, 8 am-5 pm
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Transfer Credit (For Undergrad Students)


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