Oredigger Leadership Community


Learning Outcomes

Students in the Oredigger Leadership Community will…

  • Define leadership as it relates to Servant Leadership theory. 
  • Articulate their own personal style of leadership and leadership philosophy.  
  • Incorporate social justice values into demonstrated leadership. 
  • Demonstrate effective communication techniques. 
  • Develop skills to be able to successfully work in groups and teams. 
  • Identify additional involvement, leadership opportunities, and academic resources. 
  • Identify and apply their top 5 Clifton Strengths to their leadership style. 

Faculty Friends:

Amanda Jameer

Teaching Assistant Professor | Chemistry

About Amanda.

Coming soon!

Renee Falconer

Teaching Professor | Chemistry

About Renee.

Renee’s interests center around the environmental chemistry of organic pollutants and their transport and fate in the environment. Her teaching interests revolve around improving chemical education through the use of modern pedagogies and a current understanding of chemical theories. In particular, Renee is working to improve the general chemistry curriculum through the creation of inquiry-based, active learning experiences in both the classroom and the lab that reflect changes in our knowledge of chemistry and advances in technology. She is interested in using research based best practices to show all students, no matter their field of interest, that chemistry is central to the world of science.

Angela Sower

Teaching Professor | Chemistry

About Angela.

Angela Sower’s research interests involve the characterization of molecular alterations as a model for a neurodevelopmental disease, while at the University of New Mexico. This was followed by a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in which she worked on pattern formation and targeting in visual system development.

Following this research work, her primary focus became chemistry and biochemistry education at a diversity of higher education settings.  Angie hopes to reach students through learning strategies that will not only be applicable in a chemistry setting, but also throughout students’ education and hopes to pass along to students that chemistry never ceases to remain interesting and relevant.