Second-Year Housing


University life is more than academics, and you probably learned that in your first year! It’s about having new experiences. It’s about discovering new educational and social opportunities. It’s about stepping out on your own as an adult. Living on campus will help you make the most of your University experience, and we hope you will return to on-campus housing for your second-year at Mines!

Second-Year Housing Options

1750 Jackson Street Apartments

1750 Jackson opened Fall 2020, and as one of the newest buildings on the Colorado School of Mines campus, it is a home-away-from-home for second-year undergraduate students. 1750 Jackson offers a apartment/residence hall hybrid living option in close proximity to everything campus and Golden has to offer!

  • 360 Residents
  • Fully furnished units with bathroom(s) and kitchen:
    • Studio: 1 person with 1 bed/1 bath
    • Two-bedroom: 4 people with 2 double bed/2 bath
    • Three-bedroom: 4 residents with 1 double bed/2 single bed/2 bath
  • No meal plan required
    • Voluntary/Commuter meal plans available
    • Close proximity to Safeway
  • A 9-month academic year housing contract
    • August 12 – May 12
    • No contract renewals
    • Sophomore undergraduate residents only
    • The building will remain open during winter break
  • Limited parking in a covered garage
    • Lottery based through Parking Services
  • Fitness area
  • Outdoor courtyards
  • On-site laundry
  • Common areas on each floor include social lounges, study areas & nooks
  • Bike & locker storage
  • Front desk lobby & lounge
  • Centrally located near downtown Golden, campus & across the street from several businesses


Maple Hall - Environmental Justice

After making its debut in Fall 2022, the Environmental Justice Signature Learning Community will be continuing! Residence Life is offering its first ever second-year Signature Learning Community (SLC)! The Environmental Justice SLC is housed in Maple Hall and is open to all sophomore students with an interest in Environmental Justice. Learning outcomes of the community include:

  • Discuss the sustainable and environmental impacts of students’ chosen major/career field 
  • Examine personal and social identities and how they are incorporated with environmental justice/sustainability 
  • Define students’ individual value in environmental justice and sustainability 
  • Compare and contrast best practices when it comes to sustainability 
  • Identify and take ownership of individual actions related to environmental justice  

Maple Hall is a 5-story residence hall that was built in 2012 and located in a central location across from Mines Market dining and 17th Street. 

  • Limited sophomore housing available for 2023-2024 academic year – about 30 bed spaces
  • Suite-style Living (single and double room suites with shared baths)
  • Quiet Room
  • Social Lounges
  • Study Rooms
  • Music Room
  • Conference Room
  • Resident Meal Plan Required
    • Close Proximity to On-Campus Dining
    • Community Kitchen
  • Large Community Kitchen/Program Center
  • Common Area Computers
  • Piano in Living Room/Lobby
  • Bike and Ski Storage/Workroom

Application FAQ

When + how do I apply?

Applications for sophomore housing in 1750 Jackson & Maple Hall open at 10:00 AM MST on February 1st and remain open through 11:59 PM MST on February 3There are separate applications for each community.​​

When you apply does not matter as long as it is within the application timeframe. Application processes are NOT first-come, first-served.

1750 Jackson Street applicants are selected through a lottery process. Maple Hall applicants are selected based on completed application and selection into the Environmental Justice TLC.

The applications are located on the Residence Life Housing Portal (Trailhead > Campus Life tab > Residence Life section > Residence Life Housing Portal link).​

Q: Am I guaranteed housing on campus for my second-year at Mines?

A: Residence Life is growing! There is a demand for more on-campus housing for second-year students, and the university is engaged in efforts to build more designated housing for sophomore students. At this time, Residence Life cannot guarantee housing for all second-year students, which is why we employ a lottery selection system for housing in 1750 Jackson Street. Historically, we have been able to offer housing to the majority of students who apply for second-year housing; however, we cannot always offer every students’ preferred housing type (e.g. studio unit, single room).

Q: Are 1750 Jackson and Maple Hall coed?

A: In 1750 Jackson, students can choose to share apartments with folks of any gender identity. In Maple Hall, the floors are coed, but the suites are not. This means that the students living in the same room and in the adjoining suite share the same gender identity.

If students residing in Maple Hall are interested in a Gender Inclusive Housing accommodation, where they are opting to live with someone of a different gender identity, please reach out to Kelsey Anders ( Our Maple housing application is not set up for students to do this on their own, but we can make it happen for you!

Q: Do I have to pay a $50 application fee for each application?

A: Yes. However, if you are not offered housing in 1750 Jackson and/or Maple Hall, your fee(s) will be refunded to you. If you are offered housing and you decline the offer, your application fee will not be refunded to you.​​

Q: Can I apply for both 1750 Jackson Street and Maple Hall's Environmental Justice TLC?

A: Yes! The applications are separate, so you must complete both the 1750 Jackson Application and the Residence Halls application if you are interested in both.

The Residence Halls application will only show Maple Hall and the Environmental Justice TLC to sophomore applicants.

Q: If I apply to 1750 Jackson Street and Maple Hall’s Environmental Justice TLC, is there a chance that I will be offered a spot in both communities?

A: No, students who are selected for Maple Hall’s Environmental Justice TLC will be notified first. If a student declines their offer for the Environmental Justice TLC, they will be placed in the 1750 Jackson lottery if they also applied to 1750 Jackson.

Q: I am a student with documented housing accommodations through Disability Support Services (DSS). Am I guaranteed second-year housing with my accommodations?

A: Housing is limited and subject to availability, and we cannot guarantee housing for any student. Residence Life works closely with Disability Support Services, and we are aware of students who have documented housing accommodations. If you are offered housing through the 1750 Jackson lottery or through the Maple Hall Environmental Justice TLC, Residence Life will work with you to provide the housing accommodations you are eligible for.

Q: When will I find out if I have been offered a spot in 1750 Jackson Street or Maple Hall?

A: Offers and timeslots for Environmental Justice will be sent to students via email by February 10, 2023. The first round of Jackson offers will be communicated during the week of February 13. Students can expect to receive additional updates about subsequent offers and waitlist status through the end of February.​​

Q: If I don't get offered housing, will I be put on a waitlist?

A: Yes! We will continue to notify students of any openings in these communities as they become available. We recommend you remain on the waitlist until the end of February, at least. As always, check your Mines email regularly!

Q: Are there other on-campus housing options for sophomores outside of 1750 Jackson and Maple Hall's Environmental Justice TLC?

A: 1750 Jackson and Environmental Justice are the only designated sophomore communities on campus. Due to upcoming renovations and construction at Mines Park, space will be extremely limited. Rising sophomores may apply to Mines Park when the application opens on April 1, 2023; however, we cannot guarantee space will be available. We recommend that rising sophomores apply to 1750 Jackson and/or Environmental Justice, wait to see if they are offered housing in these community, and then decide to apply to Mines Park if they are not offered housing.

Q: How do I create a roommate group?


Begin chatting with your friends to start planning who will be included in your roommate group!  

Start thinking about who will be sharing an apartment unit together. Who’s sharing a double room? Who wants a single room? Remember that (except for the studios), the 1750 Jackson apartments house 4 students in each—either in a 2-bedroom unit with 2 double rooms or in a 3-bedroom unit with 1 double room and 2 single rooms 

Don’t have all your spaces filled? That’s okay! You’ll be able to search for more roommates once you’ve started your application!  


 Once the application opens, it’s time to get started! Do not wait until the last minute 

You have between the time the application opens (February 1) and when it closes (February 3) to solidify your roommate group. Even after you’ve submitted your application, you can continue to return to the 1750 Jackson Roommate Groups page (until the application closes on February 3rd at 11:59PM) to search for roommates and create your finalized roommate group.  

While the application is open, you are free to join and leave roommate groups, but you cannot be in more than one roommate group at a time. Return to the Roommate Groups page of the application to leave groups and join new ones. The roommate group that you are in at the time the application closes is final. Please plan accordingly.  


After the application closes, all submissions will be under review and the lottery will take place. 

Students will be notified via email of housing offers and timeslots by February 10. Students who are offered housing in 1750 Jackson will be assigned a timeslot to return to the 1750 Jackson Application and self-select their room assignments. Students who are not offered housing in 1750 Jackson will be placed on a housing waitlist.  


All students in the same roommate group will receive the same timeslot.  

Prior to your timeslot, check in again with your roommate group. Solidify who will be sharing an apartment unit together and who the roommates will be. Is everyone on the same page? 


All students in the same roommate group will receive the same timeslot. Students are responsible for selecting their OWN room assignment during their timeslot.  

As such, it is essential that students communicate with one another during their timeslot to ensure that they assign themselves according to the roommates they wish to have. 

After you’ve selected your room, proceed through the rest of the application to sign your housing contract and complete the process. Done!