Health Center Services

Services provided free of charge for students paying health services fee

  • Evaluation and treatment for common illnesses and injuries such as cough and cold symptoms, allergies, sore throat, ear infections, urinary tact infections, nausea/vomiting/diarrhea, pink eye, headache, musculoskeletal complaints
  • On-site testing for strep, mono, influenza, pregnancy and urine testing
  • Simple procedures including wart treatment, suture removal, ear irrigation and wound care
  • Preventative services including gynecological exams, flu shots, Tuberculin skin tests.
  • Consultation for contraception, STI screening, and LGBTQ+ healthcare (including PrEP).  Please be aware that laboratory services such as blood draws, will be billed to your insurance company.  Charges may incur.
  • Educational resources about various health related topics (nutrition, stress, STIs, smoking, alcohol abuse, depression, sleep disorders, etc.)
  • Crutches, knee braces, and heating pads can be checked out for a short period of time
  • Limited medications from our on-site dispensary (antibiotics, topical medications, etc.)
  • Evaluation and medication management for mental health concerns

Services available for an additional fee

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella)
  • PAP smears and other lab tests are available through the Health Center; students will be billed for these tests.
  • Tetanus update (Tdap)
  • Meningitis (ACWY) immunization
  • HPV immunization
  • Dental Clinic

Health Center staff will facilitate referrals to specialists/facilities for treatment not available at the Student Health Center.

Please be knowledgeable about the requirements/restrictions of your health insurance plan so that we can refer you to an appropriate provider.