Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

Located in the W. Lloyd Wright Student Wellness Center

We support the educational mission of Colorado School of Mines and the academic success of our students by offering high-quality health insurance at a reasonable cost.

Health Insurance For Students

Colorado School of Mines is committed to the health and well-being of all of its students. Good health is essential to academic success which is why we provide health care coverage to all enrolled degree-seeking domestic students, and all international students, regardless of degree status.

The 24-25 enrollment/waiver period is now open!

Need to know how to enroll or waive SHIP? Go directly to the enrollment/waivers page:

Already enrolled but don’t see yourself in AHP? You will not show in the system until after you have completed registration.  Please check back to the AHP site after that time.

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Most degree-seeking U.S. Citizen, Permanent Resident, and International students who are enrolled towards a bachelors, masters, professional or doctoral degree at the Colorado School of Mines are eligible for the SHIP.

For complete eligibility information, please review the Eligibility page.

Coverage Requirements and Annual Enrollment / Waivers

Mines requires all students to have adequate health insurance as a condition of enrollment. No distinction is made for part-time versus full-time status. Degree-seeking U.S. citizens and permanent resident students who demonstrate coverage that meets Mines’ requirements may waive the health insurance provided by Mines using the online enrollment/waiver system.

A student’s enrollment into the Student Health Insurance Plan is an annual selection. The enrollment selection that the student chooses is binding for the entire academic year, including summer. Information on coverage requirements along with whether or not your existing insurance qualifies you for a waiver, and how to waive, can be found on the Annual Enrollment / Waiver page.

Coverage and Rates

2024-2025 SHIP Coverage, maintained by AHP, is through United HealthCare Choice Plus PPO, a nationwide network.

ID cards are available at or using the UHCSR App on your mobile device.

Academic Health Plans’ preferred method of communication with students is via email.

Rates for the 2024-25 Academic Year (Download the 24-25 Rate Sheet)

  • Annual: $2635 billed half ($1317.50) Fall Semester & half ($1317.50) Spring Semester (coverage 8/1/24 – 7/31/25)
  • Spring/Summer 2025: $1527 (coverage 1/1/25 – 7/31/25)
  • Summer 2025: $584 (coverage 5/12/25 – 7/31/25)

Rates for the 2023-24 Academic Year

  • Annual: $2494 billed half ($1247) Fall Semester & half ($1247) Spring Semester (coverage 8/1/23 – 7/31/24)
  • Spring/Summer 2024: $1451 (coverage 1/1/24 – 7/31/24)
  • Summer 2024: $545 (coverage 5/13/24 – 7/31/24)

For more about benefits visit the SHIP Benefits page.

Termination and Coverage after Graduation

If you need coverage after August 1, 2024 you have several options. For more information on coverage options after graduation and termination, visit the Termination Policy page.

Special Considerations for International Students

All International students enrolled in courses at the Colorado School of Mines are required to enroll in the SHIP. (This requirement excludes International Scholars who have been awarded research, teaching or faculty appointments.)

International students who have government, embassy or U.S.-based company sponsorships may be able to complete a waiver to opt out of the SHIP.  International policies MUST have a United States claims address and contact phone number to be approved for a waiver.

For more information specific to International Students:


Andrea Tangney
Student Health Insurance Plan Manager
Student Wellness Center, #236

Find In Network Providers

Doctor or Hospital


Mental Health/Substance Abuse Provider

You can access your insurance card, view claims and find providers using the UHCSR app: UHCSR App Flyer

24-25 Rate Sheet

24-25 SHIP Pamphlet