Academic IntegrIty

Colorado School of Mines affirms the principle that all individuals associated with the Mines academic community have a responsibility for establishing, maintaining, and fostering an understanding and appreciation for academic integrity. In broad terms, this implies protecting the environment of mutual trust within which scholarly exchange occurs, supporting the ability of the faculty to fairly and effectively evaluate every student’s academic achievements, and giving credence to the university’s educational mission, its scholarly objectives, and the substance of the degrees it awards. The protection of academic integrity requires there to be clear and consistent standards, as well as confrontation and sanctions when individuals violate those standards. The Colorado School of Mines desires an environment free of any and all forms of academic misconduct and expects students to act with integrity at all times. Please read the full academic misconduct policy and visit this page for more information as a faculty, staff, or student who is navigating the policy and procedures of academic misconduct.

Faculty Guidance

How to prepare for an academic misconduct case, appeal information, timeline, and more information for faculty.

Student Guidance

Expected procedures for an academic misconduct case, appeal information, and more guidance for students.

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