The Oredigger Promise Reporting

The Oredigger Promise: We Climb Together

Each of us must do our part to protect classmates and colleagues, our families and neighbors, and ourselves by adopting the practices and attitudes outlined in The Oredigger Promise.

Adhering to the Oredigger Promise is expected of all students, faculty and staff. We need to monitor our health and stay home when sick, wear a mask, participate in contact tracing efforts, carefully observe and follow campus and building instructional signs and directions, and more. We must also be positive and gracious when others provide safety reminders and suggestions—as those are offered in the spirit of protecting each other’s health and everyone we interact with outside of the Mines community.

While we believe that all Orediggers will comply with these requirements and others imposed by the CDC, State of Colorado and public health officials, we are prepared for the possibility that some may choose to violate them.


Infraction 1: Educational Conversation

Our first step will be to meet with those in violation to discuss their actions and to attempt to prevent future negative behavior.

Infraction 2: Loss of On-Campus and In-Person Privileges

If a second violation occurs, that individual will be required to shift to fully remote learning and their on-campus privileges will be suspended. If a campus resident, housing privileges will be rescinded.

Infraction 3: Suspension from Mines

In the event of a third infraction, a student will be suspended from Mines.


Should you observe a student violation, students, faculty, and staff should report those to the Dean of Students’ Office by submitting a reporting form or by calling 303-273-3231. We will follow up on reports to determine if a violation occurred and, if so, work to address the behavior of those in violation.

In the case of violations by faculty, staff and other on-campus workers, students should also report those violations to the Dean of Students Office in the same way.