Student Conduct Report and Referral Forms

The purpose of this page is to provide the Mines Community (students, faculty, staff, community members) a common place to report information, concerns, behaviors, or other observations that need to be brought to the attention of Mines administration.

This landing page provides reporters with several different reporting options. Reporters should select the reporting form that best matches the type of information or incident they would like to report. Reports will be routed to the appropriate office/administrator for follow-up. 

Important Notes

  • Emergencies: If you or someone you know is in immediate danger or distress, please call 9-1-1 or the Mines Public Safety Office at 303-273-3333.
  • Reports may not be seen or reviewed immediately. We will do our best to review all reports within 24 hours of receipt but it may take longer on occasion.
  • You may not always hear back from someone after submitting the report/referral, but please know that it is being addressed.

The Dean of Students’ Office resolves issues related to violations of the Student Code of Conduct. Please use this form to report behavior that potentially violates the Code of Conduct such as, but not limited to, alcohol or drugs, disorderly conduct, hazing, physical violence, theft, vandalism, fire safety, or other violations of Mines, Local, State, and/or Federal policies and regulations. You can also report violations of the Oredigger Promise and other COVID-19-related concerns through this form. 

Faculty, staff, students, and community members are encouraged to use the online CARE Referral Form to connect students who may be displaying what is perceived as concerning, worrisome, or threatening behavior. For information on what is meant by concerning behavior, please visit the CARE at Mines page and review information on when to refer a student.

The Mines Office of Institutional Equity and Title IX​ handles incidents of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and interpersonal violence (dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking). Any individual who believes an incident of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or interpersonal violence has occurred within the Mines Community, or impacted a Mines Community member, may submit a report through the Title IX Office’s reporting form, whether or not the person reporting is directly impacted by the conduct. The Title IX Office considers reports to be disclosures of information. A formal complaint is always up to the party impacted by the conduct. Resources and supportive measures are offered to the impacted party, regardless of their choice to move forward with a formal complaint.

The Mines Office of Institutional Equity and Title IX handles complaints of campus climate concerns and incidents of bias, discrimination, harassment and violence based on a protected class. Federal and state protected classes are race, color, religion or creed, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, related medical conditions, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression), marital status, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, ancestry, and veteran status or military service. Any individual may submit a report through this form, whether or not the person reporting is directly impacted by the conduct.

This page is intended for faculty at Colorado School of Mines to use when they need to report academic misconduct for one or more students. This form can be used for multiple students at at time. This tool should be used either at the beginning of your misconduct process or immediately after notifying students they have been found responsible for academic misconduct. Please take time to review the full policy here to review definitions and procedures.