Facilities Management Services Policy


Responsible Administrative Unit: Finance & Administration

Policy Contact: Associative Vice President of Infrastructure & Operations, Gary Bowersock (gbowerso@mines.edu)


The Department of Facilities Management (FM) at the Colorado School of Mines has developed a “Services” policy to define for the campus community the types of services provided by FM, as well as the limits to those services.


The following terms should be understood prior to review of the Services Policy:

2.1 Mines Facilities: Colorado School of Mines facilities include all grounds, structures or other improvements with title vested to CSM, whether constructed with state funds, auxiliary funds, registration fees, educational fees, loans, grants or acquired as gifts, regardless of their use by the department sponsoring the program or activity conducted in the facility or on the grounds.

2.2 Facilities Management Source of Funding: The budget required to maintain and operate CSM facilities at established campus standards is requested through the all funds budget process annually. This budget request includes funding requests for building systems, equipment and general building maintenance repairs which are within the designated square footage for renewal in that budget year.

2.3 Department Equipment/Work Required to Support a Program, Service, or Utility: The cost of alterations, installation and maintenance of department-funded equipment, or work specifically required to support a program, service, or utility is funded from resources available to the department, program or activity in accordance with the Facilities Management policies and guidelines described herein.

2.4 Project: A project may consist of space changes, construction or building improvements or modifications affecting building code issues, which involve multi-discipline trades and/or development including the purchase and installation of fixed and removable equipment necessary for the operation of new, remodeled or renovated facilities. Projects also may include the purchase of professional services of architects, engineers and other consultants to prepare plans, program documents, life-cycle cost studies, energy analysis, code inspections and other such studies. A work request or an estimate that is deemed a “project” shall be directed to the Capital Planning and Construction Department.


FM personnel will perform all routine maintenance and repairs of Mines facilities. If FM deems appropriate and necessary, an outside contractor will be utilized to perform the work in accordance with FM standards, Building Codes, mandated Energy & Greening State Government requirements, and Health and Safety Regulations established by State, County and Federal regulating authorities. Facilities Management does not charge for its services, with the exception of available welding services. Sections 4.3 and 4.4 of this document offer detailed guidelines for projects that fall outside the institutionally-funded bounds of FM.


4.1 General Responsibilities of Facilities Management at Mines

  • Safe operation and maintenance of buildings, central heating and chilled water plants, buildings HVAC, plumbing and electrical and emergency back-up equipment and systems, buildings climate control, campus exterior lighting, roofs, fire safety systems, access services, grounds (improved and unimproved) and snow removal, roads and walks, structures other than buildings, tools and equipment, and buildings utilities distribution systems
  • Building interior/exterior finishes (e.g., signage, paint, floor coverings)
  • Distribution and Mail Services
  • Fleet Management
  • Campus building access control
  • Campus Archives
  • Custodial services
  • Negotiating contracts for utilities
  • Campus energy audit, development, and implementation of the university Energy Management Policy
  • Campus primary electrical distribution infrastructure maintenance/testing
  • Technical consulting and professional services in areas of operations, maintenance, energy saving, all campus project construction document review & commissioning and proposed minor facility modifications
  • Department assistance with the installation, repair and preventive maintenance services as requested for department-owned equipment obtained through the approved procurement review process outlined in Section 4.4 of this document.

Note: Project and construction services to include large project estimating, project management, planning and design shall be directed to the department of Capital Planning and Construction.

4.2 Description of Non-Charged Services (provided under All Funds Budget)

4.21 Grounds: Care and maintenance of landscaped and unimproved grounds including special purpose intramural fields, athletic fields, walkways, outdoor seating areas, snow removal etc.

4.22 Utilities: Procurement and distribution of all campus utilities (water, gas, steam, electricity, chilled water, etc.) with the exception of recharge facilities and/or activities (e.g., USGS, Auxiliary Services etc.).

4.23 Buildings-Exterior and Interior: Repair and maintenance of interior and exterior of buildings; installation and maintenance of mechanical equipment, plumbing, electrical, and access service as designed for general building operations.

4.24 Custodial: Regular scheduled cleaning of building interior, entryways and exterior perimeter; pest control; campus office and common area trash removal; special projects; project support; FM shop support.

4.25 Fleet Management: Vehicle maintenance and repair; rental vehicle scheduling; vehicle fuel station; standard garage services; oil and antifreeze recycling; limited emergency services.

4.26 Distribution and Mail Services: Daily incoming and outgoing mail delivery; automated mail postage; postage savings advice; daily receiving, processing and delivery services for campus purchases.

4.3 FM Services requested by Departments, Activities and Programs

FM provides services on a labor-funded basis charging the department back for materials only. (Exception: for welding services, material charges will apply in addition to labor charges), Services requested by departments that require contractor services due to schedule and/or special technical skills shall be charged all contract labor and materials.

When an estimate is requested, the department will receive two estimates, one with in-house funded labor and estimated FM schedule for completion, and one with contractor labor for work requested. Work authorized to be done by contractors outside the FM scheduled workload by the requesting department will be charged contractor labor and materials. FM project supervision labor shall not be charged. Every effort will be made by Facilities Management to complete work with in-house labor before bringing in outside contractors.

To obtain services from Facilities Management, the appropriate Request Form outlining the proposed work must be completed. A budget estimate (when required) of the probable cost to accomplish the requested work will be provided. Any work that requires funding must be approved and the funding secured prior to any detailed planning, design, or scheduling of the work.

Note: All requested work is subject to FM workload schedule and the skill set available within the technical trade shops.

4.4 Department-owned equipment procurement review process:

Prior to procurement of equipment, a department will be required to communicate with Procurement Services, Facilities Management, Environmental Health and Safety, and Planning and Construction to determine:

  • Location, schedule, utility (energy and building infrastructure) requirements*
  • Maintenance and operational expectations
  • Operational life expectancy, required installation services
  • Funding.

Any equipment installation, which has not followed the above review process, will be ineligible for any FM funded equipment installation, preventive maintenance and service assistance and will be responsible for any building/facility infrastructure damages determined to be a result of improper installation and/or connections.

Note about Equipment Operation: Equipment with high electrical demand (50 KW or more) must be scheduled in order to manage the campus electrical demand by FM. Any equipment purchased that requires electrical or natural gas for operation shall be the most energy efficient equipment available on the market.

4.5 Additional Services Provided by Facilities Management

4.51 Building and Equipment Deficiencies: FM will respond to requests for correction of deficiencies of the building and/or building infrastructure and equipment. When corrective action is beyond the purview of FM, the request will be referred to the appropriate department/office for action (Example: Capital Planning and Construction Department).

4.52 Technical Consulting: FM offers consultation as follows:

    •  Evaluate feasibility of proposed minor alterations and/or equipment installation
    • Develop actual scope of work and prepare preliminary engineering reports, if necessary
    • Check availability and characteristics of utilities required to connect equipment and furnish data for specifications
    • Check adequacy of HVAC and electrical power for proposed use and, if necessary, determine scope of modifications required to provide a suitable environment for department-owned equipment
    • Provide cost estimates for user review prior to obtaining approval to commence work.