Residency Exceptions

Residency Exceptions:

The State of Colorado has signed several bills into law making it possible for qualified students to receive in-state (residency) status for tuition purposes at the time of admission. If you believe you meet the requirements to qualify under one of the bills below, DO NOT petition. New students must work with Admissions to verify eligibility, or

Current students should email for more information.


Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow (ASSET) is a bill signed into law in 2013. Under the ASSET bill, U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents and students without lawful immigration status who meet admission requirements and the necessary qualifications outlined below are eligible for in-state tuition.

To be eligible to receive residency under ASSET you must:

  • Have been physically present for the 12 months immediately prior to the start of the semester.
  • Have attended a public or private high school in Colorado immediately before graduating high school or obtaining a GED.
  • Transfer students who do not enroll in a Colorado institution of higher education within 12 months will be required to show they have completed 18 months of continuous physical presence.
Historic Tribes of Colorado

Senate Bill 21-029 was signed into law in 2021. Under the bill, institutions of higher education are required to offer in-state tuition classification to students who would not otherwise qualify for in-state tuition if the student is a member of an American Indian tribe. If you are a member of an American Indian tribe and are not sure that you qualify, please contact

Having tribal membership does not guarantee in-state tuition. You must have proof of tribal membership (i.e. Tribal Enrollment Card). Your card or other evidence must be submitted to the Admissions Office at the time you are admitted to the university. If you are a current student, submit your proof of tribal membership to

Military Members & Dependents

If you are one of the following you may qualify for residency status:

  • Active-duty (and dependents) stationed in Colorado;
  • Active-duty (and dependents) stationed outside of Colorado but lived in the state prior to enlistment;
  • Colorado National Guard (and dependents) who maintains sole residence in Colorado;
  • Honorably discharged veteran (and dependents) living in Colorado.

More information can be found on our Veterans website or you can contact us,

New Faculty at a State-Supported College

The dependent child of a new faculty member (but NOT the faculty member or the spouse) at a state-supported institution of higher education is eligible for residency status. A faculty member is defined as academic faculty with regular and special appointments of 50% time or greater.  A dependent child is an unmarried undergraduate student and under the age of 23 on or before the first day of class.

If a student believes they qualify, please contact


Peace Corps Volunteer

Peace Corps Volunteers may be classified as in-state. Certification by the Director of the Peace Corps as having served satisfactorily as a Peace Corps Volunteer is required.

New students must complete the Tuition Classification form through their online admissions portal where it will ask about volunteering in the Peace Corps. If a student answers yes, certification will need to be uploaded at that time. If you have questions about the Tuition Classification form or issues uploading documentation please contact (for undergraduate) or (for graduate).

Current students must email their certification to

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