Spruce Hall

Spruce Hall Details
  • At full capacity, 370 students
  • Single, double and triple rooms
  • Community kitchens, laundry rooms, social lounges, study areas and community bathrooms located on each floor
  • 2 Large Study/ Meeting rooms
  • Rest Pits on each floor
  • Community Style Co-Ed Restrooms
  • ADA rooms and restrooms
  • Fitness Lab(Operated with Mines Rec)
  • Outdoor barbecue and gathering spaces
  • Color changing and dimming lights in rooms 
  • Fully Keyless Entry (Blastercard for rooms)
Located in SPRUCE Hall
Fitness lab (operated by Mines Rec)

The Fitness Lab located on the main floor of Spruce, however it is operated by the Mines Rec Center!

 Find out more about Mines Rec!


Explore Honors TLC


The Explore Honors TLC is a community is located in Spruce Hall. On the Explore Honors floor, Thorson First-Year Honors Experience residents build strong connections by exploring the interconnections of the arts, sciences, and technology.

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ZIME Dining

Zime (said like lime) is located on the main floor of Spruce Hall and features modern cafe cuisine!

Learn more about Mines Dining.

Active Lounges

Floors 2-4 have 2 lounges, at the junction of the 3 wings. Floor 5 has 1 active lounge.  Active Lounges have a small kitchen, dining, and seating area. They have several tables and a large whiteboard.




Study areas

Each floor has a quiet study room, with seating for four.  Each study room has a whiteboard installed and an incredible view of campus and Golden.




Room Measurements

Spruce Single Room Measurements

  • 18′ 6″ X 8’6″  
  • 157 sq ft


Spruce Double Room Measurements

  • 18′ 6″ X 11′ 6″
  • 212 sq ft


Spruce Triple Room Measurements

  • 18′ 6″ X 15′ 6″
  • 286 sq ft

All rooms have a 10 foot ceiling. 


Spruce Single

Spruce Double




Each resident of the room will have a bay in the closet. 





Shown is an ADA triple. Non ADA triples will not have the divider in the middle. 


ADA Rooms

All ADA Closets will have a lower rack, as seen in the triple closet. ADA rooms are available in singles, doubles, and triples. 

If you are needing a room with any accommodations, reach out to DSS!


Recipient’s Full Name
Colorado School of Mines
1301 19th Street
Spruce Hall – Room #____
Golden, CO 80401

Spruce Hall
Colorado School of Mines
1101 18th  Street
Golden, CO 80401