A Sponsor is an agency or organization who supports a student(s) by paying for some or all their tuition, mandatory fees, and other charges. If you are a sponsor, please email the following information to bursar@mines.edu.

1. Please fill out the ‘Sponsor Authorization Form’ by Census Day. This form will be used to determine which charges the your agency elects to pay.

2. Provide us with a list of students you will sponsor.

Please note: Mines does not accept the student’s Financial Guarantee Letter for billing purposes. Any funding changes by the Sponsor must be communicated to the Bursar’s Office.


Sponsored Student

If you are a sponsored student, an agency or organization will pay for part or all of your tuition, fees, and/or other charges.

In order for the sponsorship payment to be applied to your account, please complete the following items:

1. Email bursar@mines.edu the completed ‘Sponsored Student Agreement Form’ by Census Day. This form will allow us to release billing, enrollment, and other relevant information to your sponsor for the duration you specify.

2. For VA Students Only – Submit a ‘Benefit Request Form’ (BRF) to the Registrar’s Office by Census Day of each semester that you wish to use your benefits. Forms can be submitted at any time during the semester, however, any late fees assessed prior to submissions will be the student’s responsibility.

You will not be a considered a sponsored student if the above items have not been completed and if your sponsor has not confirmed your eligibility.

Please note: in accordance with the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (SFRA), students are ultimately responsible for their cost of attendance at Mines. If the sponsor determines that the student is no longer eligible for their sponsorship (even after they have paid), they do not pay within 45 days of the billing date, or they do not cover all the charges, the student is responsible for paying their account balance in full.


Bursar's Office Information

📞 Phone: 303-273-3158
📧 Email: bursar@mines.edu

Hours of Operation

Bursar's Office
🕔Monday - Friday 8AM-5PM

Cashier's Office
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Sponsor Billing Process


All invoices will be emailed to Sponsors after Census Day (add/drop deadline). Sponsors will have 45 days to remit payment on the invoice.

30 Days after Invoice Date

Students and Sponsors will receive an email notification for any unpaid balance. Students may be at risk for having the balance transferred back to their account, a registration hold placed, and the release of student records.

45 Days after Invoice Date

Unpaid balances will be considered past due and will be transferred back to the student account. The balance will result in a hold placed on their account, the release of student records and subject to a monthly late fee of 1.5% of the unpaid balance.

Bursar Office

1200 16th St. Suite #E172

Golden, CO 80401

Financial Aid Office

📞 303-273-3301
📧 finaid@mines.edu

Residence Life (Housing)

📞 303-869-LIFE (5433)
📧 housing@mines.edu

Registrar's Office

📞 303-273-3200
📧 registrar@mines.edu

Student Health Center

📞 303-273-3388
📧 kebeling@mines.edu