CASA Faculty

We believe faculty and staff should work collaboratively to assist our students. The Faculty in CASA program breaks down traditional and structural barriers with faculty and students inhabitating a mutually shared commons.Each semester, four professors host the entirety of their required faculty hours within the CASA office. While in the office, faculty may assist their students, provide guidance and support and even tutoring. In addition, faculty may program impromptu study sessions with pizza provided!

The Faculty in CASA program was recently recognized by the National Academic Advising Association as an Outstanding Institutional Advising Program. CASA is honored to be recognized for the time, dedication and commitment faculty invest in supporting the needs of Mines students through this invaluable program.

Faculty Bios

Prof. Allison Caster, Chemistry

Bio coming soon

Prof. Agata Dean, CSM151

Agata Dean is a graduate of Colorado School of Mines. She holds a bachelor of science degree in engineering with a mechanical specialty (2004) and a master of science degree in mathematics (2006).

Agata taught calculus through the Applied Mathematics and Statistics Department for 10 years and then developed the Applied Spatial Visualization course before transitioning to CASA to focus on teaching CSM 151. Agata is also the faculty advisor for the Society of Women Engineers collegiate section at Colorado School of Mines and a co-advisor for Mines Catholic Campus Ministries.

Prof. Renee Falconer, Chemistry

Bio coming soon

Prof. Ashlyn Munson, Applied Math & Statistics

Ashlyn is a graduate of CSM, completing her MS and Ph.D in the AMS Department (known then as the Mathematical and Computer Sciences Department) After finishing at CSM in 2009, she joined the Mathematics department at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA for 7 years. She joined the AMS department here in 2016, and she and her family are thrilled to be back in Golden, CO and back at Mines. Ashlyn has taught courses in the Calculus sequence, and her specialty is in Statistics. She is now teaching the courses MATH 201, 334, and 335. In her spare time, she chases after her 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter as they explore Colorado.

Prof. Bethany Wilcox, Physics

I am one of the teaching faculty in the Physics department. I am a Colorado native and received my MS (2012) and PhD (2015) from the University of Colorado Boulder (go ahead and groan). In true Colorado style, when I am not teaching, I am usually doing something active like rock climbing, dancing, hiking, or archery. I am excited to hold my help hours at CASA this year. Helping students out one-on-one or in small groups is one of my favorite aspects of teaching, so I enjoy it when students come to my office hours. I am looking forward to having space in CASA for students to work with me and each other to learn some of the fundamental laws and models that guide our understanding of the physical world.

Prof. Allyce Horan, Writing Center

I received my Master’s Degree in History from Florida State University in 2013 and promptly moved to beautiful Colorado! I’ve been a Writing Consultant at the Writing Center for two years, and I am also an Adjunct Teaching Professor for Nature and Human Values. I enjoy writing and hope I can impart some of my enthusiasm to you with each appointment. I understand writing is a process which may seem scary at first, but I believeit can lead to several fulfilling aspects both personally and professionally. Please feel free to stop by at any point in your writing process, whether it is brainstorming, outlining, or a rough draft! I have a passion for language which I am happy to share with you.
Agata Dean Pr. Agata Dean – AMS


T 9-11 am / CASA Office

Pr. Ashlyn Munson – AMS


M 10-1 pm / T 12-1:30 pm / W 10-12 pm / Th 12 – 1:30 pm / CASA Office

Pr. Allison Caster – Chemistry


M 1-3 pm / W 1-3 pm / CASA Office

Pr. Renee Falconer – Chemistry


W 11-1 pm / F 11-1 pm

Pr. Bethany Wilcox – Physics


T 1:30-3 pm / Th 1:30-3 pm / F 10-12 pm and 2-5 pm / CASA Office

Allyce Horan Pr. Allyce Horan – Writing Center


M-Th 3-5 pm / CASA Office

Faculty in CASA Alumni
  • Terry Bridgman, MA, Teaching Associate Professor, Applied Math and Statistics
  • Kristine Callan, PhD, Teaching Associate Professor, Physics
  • Holly Eklund, MA, Teaching Associate Professor, Applied Math and Statistics
  • Renee Falconer, PhD, Teaching Professor, Chemistry
  • Andres Guerra, PhD, Teaching Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Courtney Holles, MA, Teaching Associate Professor, LAIS
  • Scott Houser, PhD, Teaching Associate Professor, Economics & Business
  • Vince Kuo, PhD, Teaching Professor, Physics
  • Justin Latici, MA, AdjunctTeaching Professor, LAIS & Writing Center
  • Todd Ruskell, PhD, Associate Department Head, Physics
  • Angie Sower, PhD, Teaching Associate Professor, Chemistry
  • Scott Strong, Teaching Associate Professor, Applied Math and Statistics