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Core Review

Faculty in CASA

Pre-finals workshop

Thursday, May 2nd
11am -2pm
CASA (Aspen Hall )
Tutoring help for all Majors!
Free food from 12:30-2pm
Finals snack bag to go!
Free Massages from 12pm-2pm (limited seats)

Academic Advising

Learn more about advising and academic support at Mines and meet your CASA advisor.

Pre-Finals Workshop

Academic Support

Find out about core review sessions, tutoring, coaching, resources, rentals and faculty in CASA.

CASA Peers

The CASA Peer Advising program connects students to upper-level peers who are personable, supportive and understanding. They’ve been there!

Bounce Back

Learn more about our Bounce Back program.
ADA Accessibility: CASA’s new location in Aspen Hall, 1869 W. Campus Rd., is not ADA accessible. If you require ADA accessibility, we are happy to work with you! Please consider scheduling an online appointment or e-mailing 48 hours in advance to set up an appointment in a common ADA accessible area on campus.