Academic Resources

TIme Management & Productivity

Study and Test Prep

Goal Setting

Focus and Procrastination


Managing Your Time on the Internet

  • Freedom:  Help protect your time and attention from online distractions
  • FocusMe: Schedule focus sessions, block websites, track time, set breaks, etc.
  • Rescue Time: Track online activity, block websites, set alerts
  • Minutes Please: Online timer, pop-up alert, and access block

Academic Wellness

Explore a variety of mindful meditations:

The importance of sleep

Food to fuel your brain

Stress management

Test anxiety

More Resources

CASA's tutoring is now through tutorocean for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester.


Tutors have listed their hours on TutorOcean. Students can create individual 1:1 tutoring appointments with a Mines Tutor through TutorOcean.