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Note: S= Sunday M=Monday T=Tuesday W=Wednesday R=Thursday


Major/MinorMondayTuesday Wednesday Thursday Tutor
Computer Science6-8pm6-8pm6-8pm6-8pmPatrick
Physics 6-8pmHannah
Petroleum Engineering6-8pmLeonardo
Mechanical Engineering6-8pm6-86-8Ryan

Common Exams will be occupying the Petroleum Hall (Green Center) during these days below, please make sure to stop by the library or visit our remote tutors.

Common Exams Dates:

Thursday,  February 4, 2021
Thursday,  February 18, 2021
Monday,   February 22, 2021
Thursday, March 3, 2021
Monday,   March 8, 2021
Tuesday,   March 16, 2021
Thursday,  April 8, 2021
Monday,   April 12, 2021
Tuesday,   April 13, 2021
Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Thursday,  April 15, 2021
Thursday,  April 29, 2021



Petroleum Hall (Green Center) 
Chemical Engineering6-9pm6-10pm6-8pmDaniel
Applied Mathematics and Statistics8-10pm6-8pmDrew
Chemical engineering | Minor: Computer Science6-10pm6-10pmLauren
Electrical Engineering | Minor: Computer Science6-9pm8-10pm7-10pmLucas
Electrical Engineering6-8pm7-10pm8-10pmPerry
Petroleum Engineering8-10pm7-10pm7-10pmLeonardo

Remote tutoring

TutorZoom LinkMajor/MinorSundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday
Amy https://mines.zoom.us/j/3768369901>
Computer Science5-7pm2-4pm4-6pm
Eshita https://mines.zoom.us/j/5945826562>
Computer science 5-7pm5-7pm
Forrest https://mines.zoom.us/j/4113365899>
Applied Physics (M.S.)2-5 pm7-9 pm
Jhonhttps://mines.zoom.us/j/92200844424Computer Science4-6pm4-6pm
Brandonhttps://mines.zoom.us/j/4837298097Chemical Engineering | Masters in Quantitative Biosciences and Engineering4-7pm4-7 pm
Albertohttps://mines.zoom.us/my/albertorg>Chemical Engineering | Minors: CompSci and Biomed4-6pm4-6pm6-8pm
Trevor https://mines.zoom.us/j/4532959133?pwd=QXdkenZtRkVNSHE2M2tvQXVtMGtzQT09Mechanical Engineering3-7pm
Erinhttps://mines.zoom.us/j/8839489699Computational Math | Minor: Public Affairs5-7pm2-4 pm
2-4 pm
7-9 pm
Ethan A https://mines.zoom.us/j/4028585822>
Mechanical Engineering7-9pm3-5pm2-4pm
Ross https://us04web.zoom.us/j/2799543730?pwd=VTRjVnJXcGtHQjhHYUtXb1RRN0l4QT09>
Engineering Physics6-8pm7-9pm7-9pm4-6pm2-5pm
Neo https://mines.zoom.us/j/95145750949>
Civil Engineering2-5pm6-9pm5-8pm
Electrical Engineering6-8pm7-10pm8-10pm

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