Fall tutoring is offered both in-person and online.

In-person tutoring:

Library Monday-Thursday from 6-8pm

Petroleum Hall in the Green Center Sunday-Thursday from 6-10pm

Visit CASA’s tutoring page in Canvas for tutor Zoom links: 


Note: S= Sunday M=Monday T=Tuesday W=Wednesday R=Thursday

Full Schedule

(Remote and in-person tutoring)

all petroleum hall tutoring will be held in the library on the following dates

September 24, 28, 29 |  October 13 & 27 |  November 9, 10, 12, 19

Major/MinorLibraryPetroleum Hall- Green CtrZoomTutor
Chemical Engineering | Minors: CompSci and BiomedT 1-5pm; R 12-5pmAlberto
Computer ScienceM 9am-1pm; W 9-11amAmy
Computer Science + Robotics and Intelligent SystemsT 5-8pm; W 5-7pmBill
Chemical Engineering | Masters in Quantitative Biosciences and EngineeringT 4-7pm; R 4-7pmBrandon
Engineering PhysicsW 10am-2pmBrendan
Chemical EngineeringM 6-9; T 6-9Daniel
Computational Math | Minor: Public AffairsS 5-9pm; M 5-9pmErin
Mechanical EngineeringS 11am-1pm; T 11am-12pm; & 4-6pmEthan A
Engineering PhysicsM 11am-1pm; R 2-4pmEthan H
Applied Physics (M.S.)M 8-10pm; T 7-9pm; R 5-7pmForrest
Electrical Engineering | Minor: Computer EngineeringW 6-8; R 6-7W 8-10; R 8-10Hunter
PhysicsS 7-10; T 8-10; W 7-8; R 6-10Jack
Computer ScienceT 5-7pm; R 5-7pmJhon
Computer ScienceS 2-4pm; W 11am-1pm & 3-5pm; R 9-11pmJonny
Computer ScienceR 6-9Jordan
Chemical engineering | Minor: Computer ScienceM 6-8M 8-10; W 6-10Lauren
Mechanical EngineeringM 1-4pm; T 1-3pm; W 1-3pmLian
Electrical Engineering | Minor: Computer ScienceR 7-8T 7-10 R 8-10Lucas
Civil EngineeringT 6-8S 6-8; M 6-8; W 6-7; R 9-10Neo
Civil EngineeringS 8-10; M 9-10; W 9-10Patrick
Electrical EngineeringS 7-10; T 9-10; W 7-9Perry
Engineering PhysicsS 8-10pm; R 8-10pmRoss
Chemical Engineering - Biological TrackT 6-8 & W 6-8M 7-10Ryan


(In-person tutoring)

Major/MinorMondayTuesday Wednesday Thursday Tutor
Electrical Engineering | Minor: Computer Engineering6-8pm6-8pm6-7pmHunter
Chemical engineering | Minor: Computer Science6-8pmLauren
Electrical Engineering | Minor: Computer Science7-8pmLucas
Civil Engineering6-8pm6-8pmNeo
Chemical Engineering - Biological Track6-8pm6-8pmRyan

Petroleum Hall- Green Center

(In-person tutoring)

all petroleum hall tutoring will be held in the library on the following dates

September 24, 28, 29 |  October 13 & 27 |  November 9, 10, 12, 19

Chemical Engineering6-9pm6-9pm6-9pmDaniel
Electrical Engineering | Minor: Computer Engineering8-10pm8-10pmHunter
Computer Science6-9pmJordan
Chemical engineering | Minor: Computer Science8-10pm6-10pmLauren
Electrical Engineering | Minor: Computer Science7-10pm7-10pmLucas
Civil Engineering6-8pm6-8pmNeo
Civil Engineering8-10pm8-10pm9-10pmPatrick
Electrical Engineering7-10pm8-10pm7-9pmPerry
Chemical Engineering - Biological Track7-10pmRyan

Zoom Tutoring

Major/MinorSundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayTutorZoom Link
Computer Science2-4pm11am-1pm
Engineering Physics10am-2pmBrendanhttps://mines.zoom.us/j/4688161099
Computer Science9am-1pm9-11amAmyhttps://mines.zoom.us/j/3170818202
Computer Science + Robotics and Intelligent Systems5-8pm5-7pmBillhttps://mines.zoom.us/j/95986706662?pwd=T3VnS1dpNC94UlVueElXVk1HOHlXdz09
Mechanical Engineering1-4pm1-3pm1-3pmLianhttps://mines.zoom.us/j/2312315932
Applied Physics (M.S.)8-10pm7-9pm5-7pmForresthttps://mines.zoom.us/j/4113365899
Computer Science5-7pm5-7pmJhonhttps://mines.zoom.us/j/92200844424
Chemical Engineering | Masters in Quantitative Biosciences and Engineering4-7pm4-7pmBrandonhttps://mines.zoom.us/j/4837298097
Chemical Engineering | Minors: CompSci and Biomed1-5pm12-5pmAlbertohttps://mines.zoom.us/my/albertorg
Engineering Physics11am-2pm3-4pmEthan Hhttps://mines.zoom.us/j/4175829007
Computational Math | Minor: Public Affairs5-9pm5-9pmErinhttps://mines.zoom.us/j/7644751365
Mechanical Engineering11am-1pm
Ethan Ahttps://mines.zoom.us/j/4028585822
Engineering Physics8-11pm9-11pmRosshttps://us04web.zoom.us/j/2799543730?pwd=VTRjVnJXcGtHQjhHYUtXb1RRN0l4QT09

This free service is an invaluable experience for first-year and upper-class students. Our tutors are proficient in all core classes and multiple upper level courses including Thermodynamics, Fluids, and more.


Our tutors are nice & approachable sophomore, junior, and senior level students who are happy to assist!