Implementation Plans & Progress Reports

Implementation Plans & Reports



All major units have crafted a DI&A Implementation Plan that meets the unique needs of their student, faculty and staff community. Units expected to report annually on progress made on each of their proposed goals. Many goals are 3- to 5-year benchmarks and are not required to be fully addressed each year. Departments and campus units provide detailed information on how they are working toward achieving those goals, what the accomplishments are to date and what is still in progress.

Review the initial planning procedure that resulted in the development of implementation plans
  • 0. Review Mines Strategic Plan for DI&A and form a working group with representatives from all members of unit. Ensure diversity of the group; clearly establish expectations for roles and communication.
  •           a. Review your unit’s previous implementation plan. 
  • 1. Collect and analyze data; identify areas where you can have significant impact to support DI&A at Mines. Collect ideas from all members of the unit.
    • a. Identify where you need more data to make informed decisions, and include the data collection and analysis as part of your year one implementation plan.
    • b. In February, each unit will receive access to Tableau Server to investigate your diversity-related data.
  • 2. Set goals, identify strategies, deliverables and metrics.
    • a. Conduct a self-assessment and collect ideas from all members of the unit. We recommend that you include this as one activity in your year one implementation plan: request a survey for your unit.
    • b. Identify strategies, programs and activities that align with the areas where your biggest impact can be made (see resources we compiled for ideas).
    • c. Complete the implementation plan template OR update your implementation plan from the previous year.
  • 3. Have your plan reviewed by the DI&A team.
  • 4. Integrate feedback from DI&A, submit plan to your dean or VP for review. Submit final plans to President Johnson. (See due dates.)
  • 5. Implement the plan and track progress using your proposed metrics.
    • a. Be sure to share your plan, your progress, and your successes!
  • 6. Complete an annual progress report. Revisit and update the implementation plan. (See due dates above).

Adapted from UC Berkeley

Campus Implementation Plans


Review 2022 Implementation Plans from other units. This shared repository presents an opportunity for units to identify similar goals and foster collaboration. These are working documents. Units are encouraged to keep their plans current as progress is made to make for easy reporting each year. Must have a Mines email address to access this repository. 

2023 Due Dates

  • Week of February 6th: Instructions for investigating your DI&A data in Tableau Server
  • Friday, April 21st: Implementation Plan progress reports due to DI&A team and committee
  • Monday, May 15th: Reviews finished and comments sent back to units
  • Friday, June 2nd: New this year – Your department can choose to re-submit the report based on feedback. This is not required and if you only submit one report, your original submission will be used.
  • Monday, June 5th: Reports sent to PCJ and VPs