Teach@Mines offers courses, advising, and certification pathways to help you explore the teaching profession.

We offer these courses for students to both try out teaching and to prepare to teach (K-12 or college). A person can start on this path at any point in their Mines career as an undergraduate or graduate student or as a Mine’s alumni. The earlier you begin, the more flexibility you have. Go here to learn more about K-12 licensure.

Spring 2021 COURSES


SCED/MAED 262 – K-12 Field Experience

1 credit

This course is the ideal way to try out teaching

Assist in a classroom alongside an experienced mentor teacher. Requirements include a total of 25 hours in the classroom and a 50-minute weekly seminar. Repeatable. Classroom hours are work-study eligible.


SCED 398 – Dynamic Teaching

3 credits

Motivation, Classroom Management, and Differentiation of Instruction

The purpose of this course is to prepare future educators to be able to motivate students, manage classroom behavior, and differentiate their instruction so that all students can learn. This course will cover the field-defining theories of motivation, classroom management, and differentiation. Additionally, this course will introduce research-based practices that can be used to create learning environments where students are motivated and given the tools to be successful in their individual learning.

Noyce Internship Program 

  • Paid, Professional Internship
    • Explore the teaching profession via SCED 262 (1 cr) (repeatable)
    • $500 stipend for the semester 
    • 25 hours in a local classroom plus 50 min seminar/week 
  • Apply Through DiggerNet
    • “Noyce Internship”
  • Announced to T@M email list when applications are live

Work Study 

  • Paid, professional Internship
    • Explore the teaching profession via SCED 262 (1 cr) (repeatable)
    • $12.50/hour for hours in a K-12 classroom (you choose grade level)
    • 2-10 hours per week in a classroom plus 50 min seminar/week  
  • Apply through DiggerNet
    • “Grade 7-12 teaching assistant” 
  • Announced to T@M email list when applications are live 

See Dawson Lang, a current Teach@mines Student, teaching during Early Field Experience with his Geometry in Construction class at Green Mountain High School. 

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