Remote Labs

Below is a list of remote labs compiled by a colleague at CU Boulder. These may be useful for anyone who will be teaching in the near future, and at the very least they may be fun for you to look through! As usual, please let us know if you have any questions.


Lesson More Info
Acid Base Solutions Concentration and Strength Remote Lab
Arithmetic Remote Lesson (sim is a game)
Balancing Act Remote Lab (includes Game)
Balancing Act Game
Balancing Chemical Equations Guided Inquiry_Remote_Lab By Timothy Herzog, Yuen-ying Carpenter (Pogil)
Balancing Chemical Equations Remote Lab
Balloons and Static Electricity and John Travoltage Remote lab
Beers Law Lab Remote Lesson By Julia Chamberlain for Pogil workshop
Build an Atom Homework Remote Lab (includes Game) (Full in class activity) (HW version activity)
Build an Atom Game
Capacitor Lab Basics Remote lab (uses CCK DC too)
Introduction to Circuits Remote Lab
Isotopes and Atomic Mass Remote Lab
Masses and Springs Conservation of Energy Remote Lab
Ohm’s Law Remote lab (uses CCK DC too)
PhET Games Remote Lesson ideas
Projectile Motion Introduction Remote Lab
RPAL Introduction Remote Lesson 1
RPAL Game Remote Lesson 2
Resistance in a Wire Remote‌ Lab (uses CCK DC too)
Under Pressure Remote Lab
Waves on a String Remote Lab

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