In 2017, the Colorado School of Mines and University of Northern Colorado were awarded a grant from the 100Kin10 ( organization to develop, create, build, teach, and distribute 20 hands-on, minds-on science kits to public school districts across the Front Range in Colorado. The project builds a cohesive group of three  populations of STEM* learners: (1) elementary school students, (2) elementary school teachers, and (3) prospective secondary teacher candidates

PSI3  – Partnerships for STEM Identity: 3 populations of active learners is a project that partners a pair of Teacher Education Alliance, Mines-UNC Partnership (TEAM-UP) secondary Teacher Candidates (TCs) with a seasoned team of K-3rd grade teachers to develop and deliver two hands-on, minds-on STEM lessons to these teachers’ classrooms.  To extend the reach of this partnership, the work of these teachers and TCs will be captured via a kit that includes the lesson as well as enough materials to teach a class of 30 students.  These kits will be shared with the same grade level teachers within the teachers’ district.