Gema Cervantes headshot

Gema Cervantes

Scholars program Coordinator

Gema is passionate about helping 1st generation students receive an education. As a first-generation high school and college grad, she understands the importance of receiving a higher education. She moved from the Chicagoland area to Colorado to pursue her career in higher education.

In Aurora, Illinois, Gema was a freshman admissions counselor for a private institution serving both of her alma maters. She plans to continue her education at home to one day also be the first to receive their doctoral degree.

In her free time, Gema enjoys visiting the movie theaters for the newest movie to be played. She’s always up for a hike or exploring a new place that many may have not or camping in ghost towns.


  • She’s a certified Forklift Operator – 7 types of heavy machinery
  • Goal to visit all 50 States: so far accomplished 19/50 & Mexico
  • Summer 2023 started to watch The Walking Dead and Game of Thorns for the first time.
  • Favorite anime shows: Assassination Classroom & Avatar: The Last Airbender