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At Mines, we understand the hard work of getting into a great school includes the love and labor of high school counselors. We’re here to help you help your students through the college search and application process. Below are resources to assist you along the way. Click or tap on an option to learn more!


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Required Curriculum

  • 4 units of college-prep or advanced math
    trigonometry or pre-calculus at minimum
  • 3 units of lab science
    either physics or chemistry at minimum
  • 4 units of English
  • All core courses required for graduation 

Highly Recommended Curriculum

  • Advanced mathematics
    80% of students admitted to Mines complete Caluclus 1 or higher in high school
  • Advanced science
    Preferably Physics and Chemistry (one required)
  • Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or concurrent enrollment courses (if available)
  • Academic Electives
    STEM-centric courses, including computer science or engineering if available

Admission Application File

To complete an application file, the following materials are required:

    1. Students can apply using the First-Year Golden Admissions Application or the Common App.
    2. There is a $50 application fee that can be paid at the time of submission via a credit card. 
    3. Unweighted GPA (4.00 scale) will be used in the admissions evaluation.
    4. Interviews are not required, but we do encourage students and their families to join us for an information session or event (virtually or in-person).
    5. Letters of recommendation are not required, but encouraged. If your student has extenuating circumstances that are not reflected on the transcript and an explanation would be beneficial, we welcome a supplemental essay from the student and/or letters of recommendation. 
      *Note: If your students complete their application file by our priority deadline, they are welcome to submit an unofficial transcript for review. If they complete their application file after November 1, they must submit an official transcript.

Optional but strongly encouraged for best consideration:

  • Essay and/or personal statement response
  • Letters of recommendation (1-2)

Submitting Transcripts

Students can submit unofficial transcripts via their Applicant Portal once they submit
their application and receive Portal log in credentials. You can also send transcripts
directly to Mines via the following methods:

  • Electronically: through SENDedu, Docufide, Naviance or Parchment
  • FAX: (303) 273-3509
  • Email: admissions@mines.edu
  • Postal mail: Mines Office of Admissions, 1812 Illinois St. Golden, CO 80401



ACT and/or SAT Scores

Mines is a test-optional university. All applications will receive equal consideration in our holistic admissions and merit scholarship review process – with or without test scores. National research and Colorado-specific data shows that test scores can be a limiting factor to students and unnecessary when making admissions decision. If your student believes their test scores will further highlight their academic ability, they are welcome to include the scores in their application file.

We accept self-reported scores during the application process, but we will request official scores if the student is admitted and chooses to enroll at Mines. We will superscore if multiple test scores are received. 


Checking Application & Admissions Status

Upon submitting their admission application, students have access to a custom Applicant Portal that shows them application materials received/outstanding and test scores received. They will also receive their decision letter in their Portal and if accepted, they will have access to their enrollment checklist.

Students may check their submitted application status.

Want to know the status of your student’s Mines application? Slate.org is a terrific counselor resource to keep tabs on your students and their college application status. A wide variety of colleges and universities are using it (including Mines) and it’s free! Learn more about Slate.org.

Important Deadlines

When students are completing a Common App, please have them select Early Action if they want Priority Deadline consideration.

Priority Application Deadline

Admission and merit scholarship decision sent by December 21, 2023

Regular Application Deadline

Admission and merit scholarship decision sent by March 1, 2024

Late Application

Admissions and merit scholarship on a space-available basis

Financial Aid Priority Deadline

National Commitment Day

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