Stacy Seamans


Assistant Director of Admissions – Graduate Applications

Stacy is the assistant director of graduate admissions and is enthusiastic about helping prospective students apply for graduate school and guide them all the way through to the enrollment process. She LOVES seeing the excitement generated by telling graduate students that they have been admitted to their first choice university! She is familiar with graduate student concerns and research as she has gone through the process herself by earning an M.S. in Molecular Biology. Stacy is proud to be an Oredigger because she knows that the students that graduate from Mines go on to excel in their professions and that their research is meaningful to the Earth’s environment.
She is a self-proclaimed foodie who enjoys going on outdoor adventures with her son, husband, and two dogs. Nothing makes her happier than going camping, visiting national parks and monuments, skiing, kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing with her family.


  • Used to be a wildlife biologist and can identify most North American birds by sound alone
  • Has visited many countries around the world with Nepal and Belize being her favorites
  • Has lived in 5 states in the U.S. but Colorado is her favorite!
  • Has a minor degree in geology and likes to sharpen her skills with rock hunting adventures with her son
  • Stacy is probably the biggest lover of dogs you will ever meet


Empathy, Consistency, Adaptability, Achiever, Intellection