Degree Requirements – Transfer Credits (How To)

Graduate students at Colorado School of Mines, may transfer a limited number of credits from other universities and or a Colorado School of Mines undergraduate transcript. The Office of Graduate Studies does not transfer credits upon admission. To transfer credits, students need to:

  1. Read the transfer limits and determine how many credits may transfer
  2. Meet with advisor and committee to get transfer coursework approved.
    • Transfer credit must be graduate level coursework on a graduate level transcript.
    • You may not tranfer research credits, unless you are a PhD transferring a master’s thesis degree from another university.
  3. Send your official transcripts to the Office of Graduate Studies.
  4. Complete the Degree Audit form and list all transfer credits in the appropriate section (see below).
  5. Submit the Degree Audit form to the Office of Graduate Studies

Degree Audit form sections for transfer credits:

  • Transfer credit from another university (any university other than CSM) must be listed in the transfer section, unless you are using credits towards a minor.
  • Transfer credits from a CSM undergraduate transcript must be listed in Section A. Credits transferred from a CSM undergraduate transcript may not have been used towards a CSM bachelor’s degree, unless the student is a BS-MS combined student and is a graduate degree that allows students to double count credits.
  • Transfer credit to use towards a minor, regardless of whether it is from another university or a CSM undergraduate transcript must be listed in the minor section. If you are transferring credits towards a minor, you must note that these are transfer credits.
    • The total number of transfer credits to use towards a minor is less than half of the required credits.
    • The total number of transfer credits for both the major and the minor cannot exceed the maximum number of transfer credits. In addition, you cannot use the same transfer credits towards both the major and the minor.

PhD students:

  • If you are transferring a thesis-based master’s degree, you will list the transfer course as “Thesis-Based Master’s Degree” and the credits as “36”. In the semester column, enter the semester you graduated. Leave the course prefix and number blank.
  • If you are transferring a non-thesis based master’s degree or any individual graduate level courses, you will list each course individually (maximum of 24 credit hours). List the course prefix, number and title as it shows on your transcripts, not CSM equivalents. You may not transfer research credits.
  • If you have earned a master’s degree from CSM, those courses are not transfer credits and should not be listed in the transfer section. Instead, these course need to be listed in Section A. CSM research credits will be listed in the research section. You may use, with departmental approval an unlimited number of CSM graduate courses from your CSM master’s degree towards your CSM PhD. The only exception is if you earned 2 CSM master’s degrees and used courses towards both master’s degrees. In this case, you cannot use any credits that you used towards 2 master’s degrees towards the PhD.

Credit Conversions:

Credits at CSM are semester hours. Any transfer credit that is not in semester hours will be adjusted accordingly. For example, 3 quarter hours will be worth 2 semester hours and 4 ECT (European Hours) will be worth 2 semester hours.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION about taking transfer credits your final semester.

Due to time constraints, students taking transfer credit at another institution, including credits through the Reciprocal Agreement during the final semester at CSM may not be able to graduate that semester.
To ensure that your degree is awarded, official transcripts with transfer credit must be on file with the Office of Graduate Studies and/or grades for students using the Reciprocal Agreement must be entered in the system by the Registrar’s Office¬† by no later than 5 business day after graduation.

In the event that we do not have either the official transcripts or the grades have not been entered by the Registrar, your degree may not be awarded until the following semester.